Often times you may come across videos that you’d like to download in the form of audio. This is done by converting the format of the video into the format of audio.

In brief, both the formats of the MP3 and MP4 have the same properties. The only difference between the two formats is the channel ratio. 

If you’re looking to find ways to convert video to mp3, then read more below on how to change mp4 to mp3!

How does it Work?

The conversion of the video format into an audio format is relatively simple. The MP4 file format is comprised of two channels that are meant for both audios as well as video. Whereas, the MP3 format has only one channel and that is solely for audio. 

The task is pretty simple. The conversion happens when only the audio of the MP4 is extracted. Now, the newly extracted file is the MP3, which is just the audio file. However, the opposite is tricky. Adding video to an audio file is a bit more complex and different than extracting audio from a video formatted file. 

There are multiple software available on the internet to do the job of convert mp4 to mp3 easily. Let’s find out more about how to do it!

How to Convert MP4 Video Files into MP3 Audio Files?

In this section, you’ll find various easy options on how to convert mp4 to mp3 for mp4 to mp3 converter that you can implement as quickly as possible:

1. Convert MP4 to MP3 Via Windows Media Player

If you’re a Windows user, you can do it easily via the in-built application called Windows Media Player. And here’s how to do that:


Go to the “Start” button on the desktop of the PC and then search for “Window Media Player”. Click on the result when it appears. When the “Windows Media Player” box opens, go to the top-left section of the window and click on the option called “File”.


Then click on the “Open” option to launch the “Open” box. Then go to the video file that you’d like to convert into MP3 and select it to open the file. Once you’ve open the desired file, click on the “File” option again and then click on the “Save As” option. 


By doing this, you will be saving the file into a different format. When the “Save” box appears, you’ll be asked to save the file with its name. Move the cursor to the end of the file name and change the extension from 4 to 3. 

So, for example, the file name would look something like this:

“File1.mp3” after it’s changed from “File1.mp4”. Now set browse and go to the destination where you’d like to save the newly changed file format and then click on “Save” to exit the box. 


Now when you open the file, you’ll see that its only in the format of audio. Keep in mind that during this process, the original MP4 file will not be replaced. You will have each copy of both MP4 and MP3 files. 

2. Convert MP4 into MP3 Via VLC Media Player

The VLC media player is profound as well as a common media player used by many Windows users. It also has this in-built facility to let you convert any video file into an audio file with easy steps. Here’s what you need to do:


Go to the ‘Start” section in Windows and search for “VLC” in the search field. Then, click on the result. When the “VLC Media Player” opens, go to the “Media” section at the top section of the box. 


After that, click on the option called “Convert or “Save” from the menu section. You can also do this using the “Ctrl’ and the “R” key on the keyboard. 


Then, click on the option that says “Add” s that you can add a file for the conversion. You will be redirected to the local space of the system. Browse and select the desired video file for the conversion. After that, click on the “Open” button after the selection. 


Now that the file is loaded and ready for conversion, click on the “Convert” option at the bottom of the “Open Media” box. Alternately, you can also do this using the “Ctrl” and the “O” button on the keyboard. 


Now, when the “Convert” box appears, go to the “Destination” section and choose “Browse” so that you can choose the location of the newly converted file. Bear in mind to give a name to the file in the Destination section. 


After that, choose the format of the video in which you’d like to convert the video file. Once you’ve set the preferences, click on the option called “Start” so that the conversion begins. 


As soon as the file gets converted, it will automatically be saved in the location that you’ve chosen as “Destination”. Now you can enjoy the audio version of the video formatted file without having any quality loss!

3. Convert MP4 into MP3 Via Online Websites!

If you’re on a smartphone device and need a quick way to convert a video file into an audio file, then you can simply use online platforms for conversion. Here’s a list of few websites that allows you the facility to do it for free!

1. OnlineVideoConverter

OnlineVideoConverter is an online platform that lets you convert MP4 files into MP3 files free of cost. You can rest assured that the quality will not be lost when you’re converting. 

All you need to do is open the website and click on the “Select or Drop File” option at the top of the website. Then select whichever video file you’d like to convert. Then, select the format in which you’d like the file to convert in.

Once the file is downloaded, click on the “Download” option to download the newly converted file. 

The advantage of using this website is that you won’t be charged anything for the conversion, it supports mostly all the web browsers. You can even convert files into various other formats with speed. 

Since it is an online platform, you won’t need to install any other application or go through any kind of registration to get the conversion done. However, if you come to find the site being down due to server maintenance, you can use another website below!


Another online website that allows the same facility for converting MP4 into MP3 is Zamzar. The interface of this website is simple and easy for any newbie. 

Go to the website and click on the “Add Files” option. Then select the video file that you want to convert. Simple drag and drop it on the website. After that, choose the MP3 format as a result of the conversion and then click on the “Convert Now” button below.

Another great feature of this website is that it has the option to mail you once the conversion is done so that you don’t have to wait. This is specially made for scenarios where you need to convert a video file that is big. 

Big files take longer to convert hence, an email function is a viable option. You can click on the “Email” icon below the button called “Convert Now” to avail of the option. 

Once the conversion is done, download the newly converted file which is in the form of MP3. 

You can choose to convert files into different formats in speed as well. 

Now you can enjoy listening to the audio files in the form of MP3 after easy steps of conversion!