Nowadays people prefer watching movies, on online websites rather than TV. This is because you get the ease of accessing whichever movie you want to watch. Also, some websites come free of cost so that is another advantage. One such example of a website would be MovierRulz. 

The website has recently become a popular platform as people have been searching for the latest movies. Such as movies released in the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.

So, to get more information on movierulz and how you can use it to your advantage, go through the rest of the contents below on movie rulz!

Movierulz: What is it? 

Consider to be a torrent site that recently gained quite some popularity. The reason behind its sudden rise in popularity is the fact that now it has Telugu and Bollywood movies as well. And not just that, but you’d get all the newly released movies.

There are not many websites that offer you Bollywood, Telugu as well as Hollywood movies at the same time. But Movierulz does. However, the contents on the website are copyright materials. Because of that Google decided to ban it from India. But people are still accessing the website on a daily basis in 2020. 

Movierulz: Application

www.movierulz does not only have a website but it also provides an app version that you can install and use as an application. Using the application version is always advisable because then you would not have to face the steady flow of incoming ads every now and then.

Additionally, since the website is accessed by many people on a daily basis, there are chances of malware getting into the system. That could result in harming the system without your notice. Here’s how you can download and start using it.  

Go to any web browser and search for the application or apk version of Movierulz. Make sure you download the apk from a trusted site. Research before you enable downloading from the website. Once you’ve downloaded the application, go to downloads, click on the setup file and being the installation. 

App Name Movierulz Apk
App Version 2.2
Downloads 50,000+
App Size 4 MB

Movierulz Application Specification

Check out the specification of the application if you want to download it:

The size of the application is 1.4 Megabytes having the current version as 3.0. Along with that, the application can be run on Android devices having version 3. There are three languages it supports such as Telugu, Hindi, English. As of now, the latest update is running since the month of October 2019, 25th. Lastly, the application has a free license to stream content.

Ways to Get Movies from Movierulz Website?

The first thing you need to do is, open any web browser and use any of the domain names of movierulz and enter the website. When you’re on the main page, you’ll see categories under which all the latest movies have been uploaded. You’d also get a search function to search for any particular movie of your choice.

But, make sure to access the website carefully and not click on any ads. Ads are mainly used to get money and they stream in bulk in those websites that steam copyright content. To prevent accidental click-on ads, get an Ad-blocker extension for the browser.

Based on categories, genre and the date of release, start searching for whichever movie you like. When the result appears, click on the thumbnail of the movie and you’ll see an option called “Play”. Click on it and the movie will start streaming.

At any point, if you do not wish to continue watching, or you’d like to watch it later according to your convenience, then you can download the movie. Search for the option called “Download” and click on it. Then the movie will start to download. Once the download is finished, you can view it from the location it got saved in and then watch it later. 

Movierulz: Its Advantages & Disadvantages

The website brings you to ease in watching whatever you want without having to pay anything. And that comes with another price in the form of the virus. The first and foremost mode of income is advertisements. The minute you try accessing the website, you’d be spammed with ads on the screen. They keep popping up on the screen every now and then.

Firstly, you’d lose the enjoyment of watching movies in peace. Secondly, you’d be putting your system at risk. Also, it is quite difficult to avoid ads. They come in the form of normal ads that pop up on the screen and also background clicks.

That means if you click anywhere on the website page, you’d be redirected to another site where the source of the advertisement is. Through these advertisements, malicious files enter the system and make the system lag.

If you do not want ads to come in, ad-blockers would be a good choice to save the system. Get an extension and install it to the web browser, then you can surf without ads showing up once in a while. 

Why Can’t I Find

If you’ve looked for the Movierulz website and were unable to find it, then there is certainly a reason for it. Movierulz was known to be the official website during the initial days. And that being said, Movierulz had started to add Hollywood as well as Bollywood movies which is why the site gained a fair amount of popularity. But because of the contents being copyright materials, they got banned from the internet.

But it still runs using different domain names. It runs currently with the same copyright materials. Some of the websites having a different domain name than Movierulz.

MovieRulz New Link

Movierulz.telugu New Movierulz Links:

  • movierulz.plc
  • movierulz.vpn
  • movierulz.max
  • movierulz.mss
  • movierulz.plz
  • movierulz.apk
  • movierulz.fl

How to download MovieRulz HD Movies?

If you want to watch movies in HD, then you need to download HD movies from any downloading websites. And if you only want to download movies from MovieRulz then you can follow the below steps.

  1. Open the web browser
  2. Switch on the Virtual Private N/w
  3. Then you can copy the link to the MovieRulz website and paste on the address bar of the web browser.
  4. Browse to your Category
  5. Choose the film you want to watch
  6. Then first check the movie is accessible for the Download option.
  7. Click on the download to save the movie and watch it offline on your device.

Why is Movierulz Website Popular?

Movierulz has gained a lot of popularity in recent days. Mostly in the United States because it has shown signs of continuous activity. Whenever any new movie releases, Movierulz ensures that it has been added to the website as soon as possible. 

As a result, most users prefer sitting back at home and watching newly released movies. Even though the movies are pirated, it gives people what they seek. Hence the gain in popularity.

Languages Available in MovieRulz Telugu

Are you searching for movies in your regional language? MovieRulz Tamil Movie site offers you the languages mentioned below.

If you are on a search for movies in your language then MovieRulz Tamil Movies can offer you the languages that you can see below.

  • English (Hollywood)
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Hindi (Bollywood)
  • Malayalam
  • Adult
  • Punjabi
  • Bengali
  • Telugu Dubbed Movies
  • Tamil Dubbed Movies
  • Hindi Dubbed Movies

List of Movies on MovieRulz pz: 2019 & 2020

Asuran 2019
Chanakya 2019
Nenu Naa Nagarjuna 2019
Operation Gold Fish 2019
Porinju Mariam Jose 2019
It’s My Life (Sita) 2019
100 (2020) HDRip Original [Telugu + Tamil] Full Movie Watch Online Free 2020
Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo (2020) DVDScr Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free 2020
Sarileru Neekevvaru (2020) DVDScr Telugu Full Movie Watch Online Free 2020

Watch Online: MovieRulz Malayalam Movie

  • Dear Comrade (2019) HDRip
  • Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu (2019)
  • Dakini (2018) HDRip Malayalam
  • Adanga Maru (2018) HDRip
  • Luca (2019) DVDRip Malayalam Full Movie
  • Jeem Boom Bhaa (2019) HDRip Malayalam Full
  • Oru Yamandan Premakadha (2019) HDRip
  • Sindhubaadh (2019) HDRip Malayalam (Original)
  • Saaho (2019) HDRip Malayalam
  • Thanneer Mathan Dhinangal (2019)

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Searches & Revenue of MovieRulz: What People have been searching for?

Movierulz is a very popular website platform for streaming content, regardless of the fact that the content is pirated. To support that statement, check out what people have been searching for in terms with Movierulz:

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The aforementioned tags are what people search for on a daily basis and end up on the movierulz platform to watch movies. 

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Are There Any Expenses for Watching Movies on Movierulz? 

Because of piracy issues, the domains of Movierulz are on the block. But even then, they buy domains on an interval of 60 days for worth 2000Rs. But that is not an issue. The main issue lies with the price of the server.

If the server is faulty, then movies will not be able to stream. And to get a proper server that does not lag or have issues with its configurations is a bit of a hassle. This is because the traffic keeps increasing and the server disconnects quite often. This is one of the most annoying aspects while watching any movie.

What People Mostly Ask Regarding Movierulz Website? [FAQs]

Users who’ve visited the website to watch movies or those who still have doubts regarding the website have asked questions. Some of the common questions are listed below!

1. Movierulz: What Is It?

It is a website that streams movies and TV series. The contents on the website are pirated. 

2. Is Movierulz Legal or Not? 

The movierulz website is not legal. The Indian government has blocked the website due to piracy laws that were recently issued. If the government tracks your IP address while you enter the site, you may face court time or penalties. 

3. How to unblock the Movierulz Website? 

Since the government decided to ban the website, you may not be able to find it on the internet. But you can still access it. To get access to the website, you need to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) or proxy settings.