The current big news of the browser market is Microsoft Edge. It is a Chromium-based browser. Though it is still in the beta stage, many macOS and Windows users all over the world have already downloaded it.

Microsoft Edge

This Web Browser was specifically built for Windows 10. Edge will replace the Internet Explorer, which was first introduced in Windows 95. Two decades have passed since it was first introduced. Internet Explorer was present in all of the versions of Windows.

As compared to the Internet Explorer, Edge is much smaller and simpler built for a browser. Microsoft is currently not planning to introduce Edge to the previous versions of Windows or any other operating system other than the Windows operating system.

Edge has managed to eliminate the bloat, which affects most of the browsers, and it has also added “Active-X” support to the browser. When Edge was in the development stage it was code-named “Spartan”. This name was to relate to the lightweight nature of the browser. Edge was designed to work on multiple platforms and even sometimes on the platforms of mobile devices.

The process of installation for the Edge is similar to that of the installation process of Internet Explorer to the previous versions of Windows. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer is also made available in the Windows 10 for ease of communication within the organization.

Features of Microsoft Edge

The features of the Edge are as follows:

1. Cortana- It is a Virtual Assistant, which is able to do tasks based on your voice commands

2. Linking- A command tool that enables the user to draw and write on the Web pages

3. Supports Chrome and Firefox add-ons

4. SPeedy rendering of pages

5. Clean interface

6. It helps to fill-up the form automatically

7. Minimizes the consumption of resources to make the task more efficient for low-powered devices

Timeline Support for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has disclosed many information about Edge’s development to the people. By doing this they are also contributing to the Chromium platform.

Other than a considerable amount of development in the scrolling section, they are also developing new support for the Windows Timeline for the Edge browser. Microsoft recently confirmed this news. The Edge will make the integrated “Timeline” as a default setting for the browser.

However, it is still not clear whether the “Timeline” will be integrated into the browser, or it will be made available through an extension.

Using of Timeline

The Timeline helps you to track your web activities, like the previous sites you have visited. Apart from the visited websites, it helps to track the applications you have used and also the documents which you have opened and edited.

At times, the Timeline may also collect these documents into the Microsoft Activities. This activity log helps you to keep track of the documents you were previously working on.

However, there is a problem with Timeline, it is completely Microsoft-centric. So, it will work with almost every productivity software in Windows because they are a product of Microsoft.

Timeline struggles when it is unable to open any documents or photos it has recorder because they might not have been backed up on OneDrive. In this situation, you will be shown a string of characters or some indistinct URL rather than the documents or the photos itself. On paper, the Timeline can show the activity from 1 month back, but it is still not confirmed and we will come to know if that is possible as time goes by.

It is very useful for people who are doing more than one task at the same time. This will enable you to look back on the documents from many days back. You will be able to access those documents if you need them.

This is very much like the Task View. In TaskView you can rearrange some of the desktop apps to create a new workspace. According to me, this will provide peace of mind to the people who are unable to complete every job before going on a business trip or they might have fallen ill.

HoweverTimeline can also improve for features like one-click to open the documents, arranging the documents using Snap, efficiently archiving the third-party documents and apps.

The Timeline does not ask for attention and to use it like many of the other Windows apps. It stays quietly in one corner of your taskbar until you notice it and introduce yourself. Moreover, Microsoft considers the Timeline as a primary tool to improve your productivity and to make you comfortable within their environment of the apps.


Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 is a very good browser. It provides more features than any other browser in the market. Hence, Edge offers a modern browser experience to users.

In addition, the Timeline is an important feature for working on multiple projects at the same time.It will make keeping track of your document very easy.

The new Timeline support will provide more improvement in the user experience.

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