Microsoft has begun its work to make the menus in Chrome more refined to avoid redundancy and cluttering. They already tried the new modifications on “Google Chrome Canary”. And now they are planning to introduce these changes in the Edge for Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 is a new browser that has replaced Internet Explorer. This is far better than Internet Explorer in every possible way.

Microsoft Edge for Windows 10

With the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft debuted Microsoft Edge. It is Microsoft’s update for the very unsafe Internet Explorer.

This is the very first and major update for the browser since it was introduced in 1995. The update brought with it a new interface and also a good number of new features. These features have made it very updated and even surpass some of its third-party rivals.

Even though Internet Explorer is available and those who don’t want to shift to the new browse can still use it. However, Windows 10’s default browser is Microsoft Edge. It is only a matter of time before Microsoft ceases all support for Internet Explorer. So, it is very important for you to get accustomed to the new Microsoft Edge browser.

If you are afraid to use Edge for Windows 10 because it is quite new and does not want to take any risks, then I would say that you don’t need to worry. Edge is perfectly good to use. Microsoft has released multiple updates and bug fixes. They have also added some interesting new features to make it as efficient as the likes of Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome, and Apple’s Safari.

By adding new supports for extensions and boosting the running speed, Microsoft is determined to make its browser offer the best experience. Recently Microsoft has launched the versions of Edge for Android and iOS. This will provide a good synchronization feature between your desktop and your mobile.

The Design

The design of Edge is very clean than that of Internet Explorer and also matches with the overall design of Windows 10. Its design schemes are squared-off edges for the tabs, monochrome, and 2D for doing the basic color of the browser window. 

The Features

Microsoft Edge comes preinstalled with Windows 10. This is a great advantage as the users don’t have to download any third-party apps for browsing the internet. All the other browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have to be downloaded separately on your computer to start browsing.

The other advantage with Microsoft Edge is that it is not just a browser add-on, it is very well integrated within the Windows 10 platform. This will allow you to use features like Cortana for the voice assistant to help to perform searches, or you can save your information directly to the One Drive.

Another great advantage is that it is capable of offering you tailored content based on the things you are interested in. It can be weather reports, news headlines or any other web content it will find relevant to your interest. It chooses the relevancy of the content to show to you by your web searches.

For some people, this monitoring of your web activities can be uncomfortable. It is somewhat worrying but at the same time, it is also very nice to see the relevant content rather than some random and irrelevant content.

Another feature of Edge for Windows 10 allows you to write on the browser window. This makes highlighting texts, annotations very easy. It is a feature that is supported on multiple devices, which means that you can even use it on your mobile phones and tablets. It enables the support of mouse and keyboard, finger and stylus. This will allow you to operate on touch-sensitive devices and also on non-touch-sensitive devices.

The tabs in Microsoft Edge are very well thought out. It provides a very immersive experience with the tabs only displaying only the thumbnails. This will help you to easily recognize each tab without you having to open each of them. You can also save these tabs into the collections so that you can view them later.

Edge also has a ‘Set these tabs aside’ button located at the top left corner of the screen. This option will help you to close all the open tabs. There is a button on its side, which will bring up a panel, which will bring up all the tabs you have set aside. You can then see these tabs with one click.


In the beginning, Edge was looked down upon by many users for being slow and unattractive. However, it is not as slow as everyone thinks it to be. It has beaten Firefox and Chrome in many of the benchmark tests. This proved that it is capable of competing with the bigger names in the market.

EdgeHTML is the new rendering engine for Edge. This new engine replaced the two-decade-old Trident Engine of the Internet Explorer. EdgeHTML does not use any legacy technology like Browser Helper Objects and ActiveX, rather it uses extension systems like the ones used in Chrome and Firefox.

The New Context Menu Editor from Edge

In the update of Microsoft Edge’s Canary, the options have arranged all the options that we see when we right-click on the tab of the browser. The update has removed the options of closing all tabs, opening a new tab, bookmarking all tabs and reopening the closed tab.

Everybody may not like these changes made by Microsoft. The removal of the option “Reopen closed tab” from the menu might make some of the users angry. However, you can perform the same task by the shortcut on the keyboard, it is done by simultaneously pressing “Ctrl + Shift + T”.

At times, these menu options proved very useful. Hence Microsoft has not completely removed the “Reopen closed tab”, and you can get this option by right-clicking on the area outside the tab.

After doing the update, the following options will be available on the context menu Editor:

1. Duplicate.

2. Pin tab.

3. Refresh.

4. Close tabs to the right.

5. Move to a new window.

6.  Mute tab.

7. Close tabs.

This update is currently available for the Windows 10 Edge Canary Version


Microsoft Edge is a very good step taken by Microsoft. With more updates and features, it might soon beat Firefox and Chrome in popularity and usability. It is also very useful for Windows 10 users since it is integrated into the system and you can synchronize it with your other applications.