In recent light, many users reported that Reddit was offline. That implies that upon accessing the Reddit website, they were unable to see the interface of the website. Or much rather find that the website is not working. Most people had difficulties accessing it. The complaints by them were seen on Twitter. But the other half of the majority did not face any difficulty in accessing the website.

The reports had arisen from regions of Europe and some parts of the United States. So, what is going on? Is Reddit down?  Well, read more to find out if Reddit down?

Reddit: Brief Introduction

Based on all-time reports, the websites that get the most traffic are Google, Facebook as well as YouTube. But after that, comes Reddit. Reddit happens to be a website that has comments and posts and subreddits by more than a million individuals. The whole community of individuals using Reddit has its own subscribers and Reddit users often look for sources to buy upvotes to grow faster.

It is basically a platform where people find conversations on various topics. These topics can range from comical to serious, from authentic to messy and much more information on different kinds of perspectives. The graphical representation of Reddit is simple and clean, which makes users more prone to explore the contents of the website.

So Why is Reddit Down?

It is needless to say that the website gets more than a million visits each day. Every day, millions of people try to access the website at the same time. It is likely that the website is down for maintenance. Every now and then websites are taken offline quite often because of the increased amount of traffic while accessing the platform.

Another possibility that can cause Reddit to not work. And that comes from your end. It could simply be that the internet connection that you use, has a poor quality of signal strength. Or that there is a configuration error that restricts the web browser to open the Reddit website. 

Things to do if Reddit Website is Down/Offline!

In this section, you’ll find some relevant contents things you can do if Reddit is not working:

1. Check Back-End

The first and foremost thing to do is verify that the website is really down from their end and not from your end. Try visiting the website. If you are unable to get through the website, try accessing it from a different operating system. If you get through, then you’ll know that the problem lies on your end.

2. Check Reddit Website’s Status

 To know for sure that the website is taken offline, you can do one thing. Using any web browser, preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and type in the Reddit official page in the search bar. Click on the result. If you see a bar with yellow color having the current time, then the site is really down.

The yellow bar signifies, that the server of the Reddit website is dealing with issues hence it has been taken down to resolve the issue. If that is the case, then all you need to do is wait until they bring back the server and the website online. What you can do is keep checking if you can access the website, from time to time. 

3. Check Network Connection

If the problem lies on your end then it could that the network connection is down. Or the very least, it is unable to provide a good strength of the signal for browsing. To check if the network is the issue or not, disconnect the operating system from the network connection. Then, power off the network device for a while.

Now, restart the network device and then re-connect it to the system. Launch any web browser and try opening the Reddit website. If you are able to access the website then you’d know that the underlying issue was a network connection. 

4. Check for Updates

If that website has been taken down by the official Reddit team then all that you can do is sit and wait until they bring it back up. Keep checking for updates via tweets, and comments on other social media platforms. Also, keep trying to access the website from time to time to check if the server has come online or to. 

5. Restart System

Here’s one last thing you can try doing that may work. Restarting the system has been a common fix for mostly all issues and it does work wonders most of the time. What you do is reset to the default configurations of the system if anything was modified that stopped the browser to access the Reddit website.

Simply go to the “Start” section, navigate to the left panel and select the option called “Restart”. Now, wait until the system restarts. Once the system is on, go to the web browser and open the Reddit website. If you are able to get through and access the website then the problem is solved. 


It can be tiring to keep checking if the website is working or not. To make this easier, you can try visiting other similar websites instead of waiting long hours. But keep checking the updates on social media platforms so that you can be aware!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Reddit a safe app?

Finally, Reddit is just like any other website on the internet in terms of security. They’ve had their share of issues in the past, and they’ll continue to do so in the future, just like every other internet forum. However, they’ve implemented number of innovative methods in the last two years to speed up the process of discovering and removing rogue, disruptive accounts.

Is Reddit a social media?

Reddit is form of social media, but it offers something that no other social media platform does. Rather than persons, it is built on communities (i.e. subreddits). It is a forum with social media characteristics, which makes it more welcoming and easier to use, thanks to its anonymous members.