As you know 5G is meant to deliver a fast quality of internet speed in a very shorter span of time. Its lighting fast speed has given the ultimate ability to make good use of new era technologies. For example, self-driven vehicles or augmented reality. However, there has been a rise in concern by users. The concern is related to the potential risk that could be caused by the 5G connection. Follow this article to get more details on this! So what do you think is 5g dangerous?

What are the Potential Risks Factors Caused by 5G Connection?

Earlier this year, on the month of April, the Government of Belgian had to stop the process of testing the 5G network in Brussel. The reason for this halt was the concern of radiation emerging from its base station. They concluded that it could be harmful. 

As a matter of fact, the Parliament members of the Netherlands have suggested that the Government should pay attention to 5g health issues

In the year 2011, the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that the use of smartphones can be a rising root of brain cancers. This has impacted on citizens to wonder if there is any possible health issue due to radiation. 

Critics have made a point on why FCC has not updated the safety standards of security ever since the year 1996. However, the agencies have a way to determine the absorption rate. This way is known as SAR (Specific Absorption Rate). This can tell the amount of power that has been absorbing on the basis of the body. 

Even though FCC has not updated the review of a specific absorption rate over more than 25 years, the result in SAR still shows the same as it was from the year 1996. 

As of now, there are no current conclusions of the fact that 5G could possibly be hazardous. But there are interesting facts that could clear this notion.

Know the Facts About Radiation From Smartphones Using 5G

As you know that radiation is known to be the energy that is emitted from any sort of heat source. Keeping that in mind, not all radiation is harmful except a few. The risks depend on the level of the electromagnetic spectrum and its power. 

Big Wavelengths that have low frequency are less harmful than wavelengths that are small with high-frequency level. In that case, if the small wavelengths with high frequency have ionizing radiation, then it is a potential risk. This is because the ionized radiation is meant to separate the DNA chemical bond. 

However, it is known that the 5G connection produces millimeter radiation. This is not likely to cause any harmful damage. 

Is 5G Dangerous? Does 5G Affect your Health?

People have been questioning this aspect ever since the time of 2G, 3G, and 4G. Operators of Verizon and AT&T are planning to get frequency bands that are high. This aspect is a concern because using such high frequencies will require a great level of radio deployments. 

Additionally, there is not much research on this factor and the frequencies of high-bandwidth are also not ionized. This sets some sense of hope that it is not harmful as non-ionising radiation does not cause cancer. 

But, since there is not much of research on this, it leaves room for doubts. However, if any time in the future, researchers find some relation between 5g risks and chain reaction caused by radiation, then there would be factors to consider it as potentially dangerous. 

5G MM Wave Service; Is It Safe?

Based on researched studies by experts, there is no such factor in the light that could verify the health risk of a 5G mm-wave. Experts have suggested that this aspect needs deeper research for this. 

One of the experts mention that at this crucial time, research should be done based on systematic reviews of the data that is already there instead of repeating theories. The same expert also states that health should be the endpoint while doing a good study on the risk factors. 

What do Activists have to Say about 5G being a Risk?

The rights activists are hell bound on putting a halt to the deployment of 5G. Medical Science Professor from Washington State University, Martin Paul says that there is precise evidence that shows a link between the radiation by smartphones and medical conditions including infertility, depression as well as cancer. 

A Facebook post in the month of November 2018, clarifies that 300 birds died mysteriously when 5G testing as going on. But later, it was known that the testing happened months before. 

Activists also say that many industries that use suppression as a form to hide the potential risks in order to run a successful business are why there is no evidence yet. Similar to tobacco industries that sell and hide the great risks, the effects of 5G is still unknown.

Professor of Bio-engineering, Kenneth Foster, who’s known to be doing great research on radio-frequency for over 50 years say that there are fewer facts and more theories. 

He mentions that being biased and ignorant towards this aspect is not helpful as researchers avoid studies that could contradict the connection between health issues and 5G cellphone radiations. 

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