Google is planning to use Project Treble. It will make the manufacturers capable of updating the devices more quickly to the latest version of Android. Some of you may not be surprised if you were following Google closely. 

There was a debate going on over the past decade that whether Google should imitate the process of iOS updates by Apple or not. This is regardless of the huge difference in their methods of software development and hardware sales. 

Android Updates

The latest news from Google indicates that they are trying to make the latest Android updates available to as many users as possible. This seems like a logical choice, but this is not that easy. For this process, they have to perform a metric accounting for the phones. This will make them locate the devices with the latest updates. And also those which have not received the update.  

According to the latest news from Google, it seems that their Project Treble is working fine. It is seen that the number of users have increased since the days of its launch. From the chart posted by Google on the website, it is seen that the number of downloading of the latest version of Android have increased. 

In the month of May this year, it is seen that about 10.4% of all the androids versions accessing the Google play were that of the Android Pie accounts. This number was recorded over a 7-days period. And, the Oreo devices in Google Play were 28.3% of all the devices. This number is from the 624 days after Android Oreo was launched.

If You take a look at 40 days after Android Pie was released, you will find that it corresponds with the chart released by Google at that time called  “seven days period ending on September 28th”. This chart will tell you about the devices which have used the Google Play Store. 

You will not be able to see Android pie on this chart. This is because the android Pie devices which accessed the Store is less than 0.3%. And, the number of Oreo devices during this period which accessed the Store was 19.2%.   

iOS Updates

The latest iPhone update of iOS 13 has managed to generate a mass appeal after a rough start. Many of the iOS devices are running the latest mobile platforms according to Apple. Apple is also putting the iPadOS, which also provides a smaller but appealing slice, on their charts. 

The latest iPhone update iOS 13 is only a month old and the number of devices currently running it is quite impressive. It is even more interesting after the problem many users faced at the time of its release. After this problem, many of us believed that iPhone users will stay away from iOS update 13. 

Apple has reported that the version of iOS 13, from iOS 13 to iOS 13.1.3, is running on about 50% of all the iPhones which are being used. However, if you consider only the devices from the past four years which is compatible with iOS update 13, then the number reaches 55%. This range of devices starts from iPhone 6s and all of the models which came after it.

For iPadOS, Apple is providing a separate Chart. This is an OS for iPad, which is primarily iOS 13. It is being used by 33% of all the iPhones and about 41% of the iPads. These numbers are quite impressive, as it was released after the iOS13.

A month later, after giving a head start to the OEMs, the number of users for Android 10 is just a fraction of iOS 13. This information will shame Android users and will impress those faithful to iOS.

Google’s Project Treble

Project Treble is the ambitious project of Google. It is designed to establish a modular base by rearchitecting the Android. With the help of this project, the main Android operating system of the framework will be separated from the low-level code of the silicon vendors. This will help the Android system framework to update the OS without being dependent on the silicon vendors. 

Understanding Treble

Treble is basically used for making the process of Android software easier, cheaper, and faster and make them available to the users. This will make the android updates available to the users as quickly as the latest iPhone update.

Before Treble was introduced, each time a new Android version would come out, the makers of the phone have to wait for the chipset makes to update the part of the chipsets. After they would update the parts which is required to match the update, only then the phone companies would start with the process of rolling out the updates to the people. 

The work of Treble is to separate the lower-level stuff from other parts of the OS. By doing so, the other elements of the phone do not require to be changed every time a new update comes out. Due to the benefit of Treble, the participants of Android 10 beta have increased to 18 devices for 12 mobile brands including Google’s Pixels. Previously, the number for the Android 9 Pie beta was 7 devices for 7 mobile brands. 

It is to be seen that what time Android will take to reach the adoption rate of the iOS updates. Treble is capable of reducing the distance if all goes well. At the least, it is solving the problem of fragmentation for each Android version. 


The latest iPhone updates are made available to the users very quickly than those of the Android users. But, Android is developing project Treble to solve their problem of late delivering of their updates. With Treble, Android is slowly improving its updating process and soon it will be as efficient as the iOS updates. Hence, if you are an Android user, then it is not long before you will receive the latest Android updates quickly after the launch.   

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