The wait is over for all the iOS users as Apple’s new security measures will be included in the newest built iOS 13. Well, you can easily find this update in the latest iPhones and iPad version. iPadOS, the latest counterpart is all set to redefine the term innovation in a genuine sense.

Coupled with seamless features, the 13th iteration of Apple’s iPhone software is indeed an epitome of technological precision.

It will primarily focus on core areas of security and privacy features to check what is new and how it will function.

In this post, you will come to know the new features of iOS 13Let me tell you about this one-by-one:

Features Making iOS 13 the Most Innovative Iteration:

Under this section, we are going to shed light on the stand-out security and privacy iOS 13 features that make iOS 13 a class-apart iteration. Let’s take a deep look into it for more knowledge.

Exclusive Reminders App: 

Now, this is an interesting feature of iOS 13, as it will remind you to track your location in the background from time to time. It will notify you of the timeline in a recent period, the app has kept a track of you.

In addition, it also provides you a small map with location points. Thus, with the help of this screen, you can always have the option to permit or limit it so that you can track your location.

Single Grant to an App your Location Access

iOS 13  allows your app to retrieve your location just once. In other words, this iOS 13 concept provides you control over what data you access. This improves the privacy controls of the user across the web.

Earlier, the application collected location information while using it but now you can easily get the application access on the basis of the user.

Accordingly, this feature is quite helpful for people who are concerned about privacy.

You can Deny Apps to Access Bluetooth

This is yet another fabulous feature, as this will let apps ask permission from you in order to access Bluetooth. Also, it is true that apps can use the Bluetooth feature to link to smart and handy gadgets which include fitness bands and watches.

To track your whereabouts, tracking devices called ‘beacons’ can be used. These tracking devices are supported by Bluetooth and you can find them everywhere, right from stores to shopping malls.

They can easily capture your device’s distinctive Bluetooth identifier and monitor your physical location between the places you are visiting and targeting with advertisements. Also, you will get better protection by removing Bluetooth connection from apps which does not require it.

Upgrade to Innovative Excellence with the Latest Offline Tracking Option ‘Find My’ 

The offline tracking option is now available with ‘Find My’ app. When your device is lost, you tend to rely on the last network location used. So, locating friends and lost devices now can be easily tracked offline. Now, you can also broadcast its location and upload to Apple’s servers.

It is done by using nearby cellular-connected Apple devices. Thus, preventing anyone other than the device owner, including Apple to track your lost devices. This is because of cryptographical contended and anonymized location data.

Restricting Applications from Snooping on your Contact Details 

With iOS 13, Apple is all set to incorporate features that will restrict your applications from snooping on the contact details. To access your contacts, the apps will have to take permission from you.

Earlier, they could do so as no permission was required and could access the private notes you wrote on each contact. With the latest features, applications shall no longer be able to access the user’s contact details without seeking proper permissions. Besides, the apps shall not be able to view the “notes” field without user permission.

New Sign-in Option with Apple is the Coolest Feature

This feature enables you to sign in to apps with just one tap, without leaking out any sensitive or private information. Sign in with Apple should be the most preferred sign-in option for any app. This allows you to share your email or select a private ‘relay’ email with the app maker.

The private ‘relay’ email allows the app to see a unique Apple generated an email and hides a user’s real email address. It works for all devices which includes Android and websites. 

Ignoring Unknown Callers is So Easy Now 

The unknown callers will directly go to your voicemail. Thus, anyone who is not there in your contact list is considered as an unknown caller.

Removal of Location Metadata From Your Photos

iPhone has a history of revealing your location after clicking a photo. When you upload these photos in any platform,  you don’t get the option to remove the location as it is uploaded automatically. With iOS 13, you can strip the location before sharing it.

Safari Gets Even Better Anti-Tracking Features

Apple advances its native Safari browser by adding new anti-tracking technology. It includes preventing browser fingerprinting and cross-site tracking.

Thus, it makes it difficult for ads to track users. It gets enabled by default in the user’s device which helps them to stay protected across the web from the start.

Summing Up 

From the above discussion, iOS 13 compatibility is well discernible. Indeed, the time is near when Apple will set new standards with the historic announcement of its release in the market and you will get to avail all the aforesaid benefits.

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