There is a declaration from Google which said that around 22.6 percent of smartphones have Android 9 installed from the month of August. This count is two times as better as the update rate from the Android 7 to 8 year before.

But, even then this number is significantly low when you compare to the update rates of the iPhones. The current version of iOS 13 is installed in half of the iPhones. That too in less than a month after the operating system launch.

During the launch of Android 10, next, less than a quarter of Android users have just installed Android 9.

Google has made huge progress in making smartphones to give updates to the Android Operating System at a faster rate. But this significant progress on the Android OS update is not very much when you compare to the iOS. A chart made by Google, which shows that around 600 million active users are there for Android 9.

Due to a new technology  ‘Project Treble’, Google is able to show its significant speed in bringing out updates quicker than ever. This technology makes the Android OS more modular so that the updates procedure is easier to perform. To solve the update problems of the Android Operating System, Google is utilizing Treble technology as one of the solutions.

The positive thing about the transition from Android 9 to 10 is that there are launches of multiple phones in the beta versions of the latest Android OS. For Samsung Galaxy devices there is a launch of the Android 10 beta version. Also, for the following smartphones like ‘OnePlus’, ‘Motorola One Power’, ‘Google Pixel’ there is a release of the Android 10 beta version.

One thing to keep in mind is that, although Google have increased the number of phones that updates to the recent version of the Android OS. Then also Google has measured itself for over a year after the launch of the latest version of the Android OS. With Project Treble features, Google makes quite a lot of progress to get the important core security patches for a variety of phones quickly. The newest ‘Project Mainline’ feature will increase the updates interval even more quickly.