In the past few years, there has been a rapid growth in internet users, where we have seen everyone (people of all ages) being impacted by the usage of the internet. Likewise, from the past two years, children’s use of the internet has skyrocketed, which seems beneficial from different perspectives. However, there are certain detrimental consequences that may have an immediate impact on kids. If proper checks are not performed and children are not given enough instructions, unsafe conditions can arise. Not only are there detrimental consequences of internet impact, but there are many upsides of it too.

However, we still believe the internet to be the biggest invention and blessing to date, which clearly outweighs the benefits from disadvantages by a large margin. In case, you are looking for a new provider that is absolutely safe and reliable to use and provides high-speed internet, do check out RCN internet plans.

Below, we have mentioned the impact of the internet on today’s society, especially children that are more prone towards such changes they have not just on their mental health but physical too.

Benefits of the Internet on kids:

Let’s take a look at some of the positive effects of the internet impact on kids before we get into the negative ones. Children’s imagination and coordination are enhanced as they use the internet to play and understand the games they play online.  Increased hand-eye coordination is often aided by internet impact. When students use the internet to learn, their experience grows, and their trust grows as well. Children can learn a lot of new knowledge from the internet with the right instruction and application, and it can even make them do well at school. When they learn from online tutorials, it also improves their visual intelligence.

A few other advantages of the internet’s good effects include:

  • It allows users to communicate effectively with people all around the world via email and instant chat.
  • It enhances business connections and transactions while conserving valuable time.
  • Life has become less complicated as a result of internet banking and shopping.
  • You can get the latest news from anywhere in the globe without having to watch TV or read the newspaper.
  • Untold numbers of books and periodicals are now available online from libraries all around the world, giving education a major boost. This has simplified research. Students may now enroll in online courses with the use of the internet.
  • Job applications have also grown more convenient as most job openings are listed online and online applications have become the standard.
  • Professionals may now share knowledge and resources over the internet, which improves research.

Effects of physical health

Children’s health is harmed by spending extended periods of time in front of a screen. It causes havoc with their eyesight and contributes to obesity. Sitting in front of the screen for extended periods of time reduces their physical interaction, while they pay little to no attention to outdoor activities. They become less involved and idle as a result of this. Because of the internet, children may not go outside their homes at all, and they may devote less time to their families and friends that can also lead to the kids isolating themselves from the rest of the world. This may lead them to lock themselves up in their homes, where they spend hours on the internet, loosening their true social ties.

However, looking at the data and a few research and mixed results make it difficult to say if using the Internet really has any effect on children’s social outcomes. On the one hand, time spent online is time spent not doing other things, such as socializing and connecting with family and friends. On the other hand, the Internet makes it possible to connect with families and friends who live far away, as well as to communicate constantly with others who live close by. Two independent analyses of this study found that there are few known positive or negative social impacts.

Depression and social Maladpation

There is a chance that children will fall into traps as a result of the internet, either through online games or through friends. Children are quickly drawn to online games that encourage violence. Kids that are influenced by the game try to do something like this, which is not pleasant. Attempting these violent activities will result in injuries and have serious repercussions.

Thousands of children all over the world killed themselves by an online game called blue whale two years ago. At the end of the game, children were encouraged to commit suicide. After each step, they were instructed to scrape their hands with the blade, provoking them to do such dangerous and abusive things. Despite the fact that the government took decisive steps, the game was blocked by Google and other social media sites, but the game’s link was distributed to children in an illegal manner. As a result, the game claimed the lives of many youngsters, robbing thousands of families of their joy. The game was thought to be dangerous and dreadful.

Following this tragedy, the government enacted new laws and issued recommendations for how children can access the internet in order to prevent further tragedies. It is, without a doubt, the dark side of the internet.

Summarizing the negative impacts of the internet

  • Online, there is a lot of unlawful or improper information that isn’t age-appropriate.
  • Addiction to social media may have a negative impact on a person’s personal and professional life.
  • Some criminals utilize the internet to get access to people’s accounts for fraudulent purposes such as stealing data or financial information.
  • Others have been known to use the internet to propagate hate and terrorism, both of which are extremely hazardous circumstances.



Nothing as such can be concluded if we look at one side of the story only. There are always ways to keep yourself and your family safe, all it takes is a little more attention. Those that abuse the internet, on the other hand, are few and far between. The internet has been the finest thing that has occurred to human society in recent years on a worldwide scale!