Video marketing has segregated itself from being a part of digital marketing to a separate entity. Yes, businesses lookout to make delectable videos to increase customer engagement and brand awareness. TikTok is an excellent social media influencer that helps build businesses of any size and niche.

As normal TikTok video gazers, we are used to watching prank videos. But the truth is it has loads and loads of informative videos as well. This article will give you a clear picture of the types of videos that can help promote your business on the social media/

Top 19 Ideas on TikTok That Builds Your Business

Before getting on to this, it is ideal for you to know that the duration of the video must be anywhere between 30 to 120 seconds. That’s the maximum people watch. However, the big brands also go for a 300-second video, but the shorter and crisp version of your business wins more customer base. 

1. Business Introduction: 

How many people know about you and your brand? Even if people know your brand, do they know what you exactly do? Develop a video that creates a connection with the audience. What is your business, and what are you planning to accomplish with the business principles? It need not be highly philosophical, but the version must be on the lines of people’s support and society’s well-being. The TikTok brand marketing report states that business introduction has led to maximum conversion rates over time.

2. Business Space Tour: 

Can we make the videos a bit catchier? You can create videos that show the products that you make; you can show your team and the place you work. Though the medium is digital, the ones who watch are humans. Connect with humans with delectable workspace videos. 

3. Success Story: 

You can post any success story that your business has achieved in the past or the present. Share the good news with the people. Emotions are the right tactics to increase the customer base, and this is one such idea. 

4. Tutorial Videos: 

Humans have the urge to learn anything new. You can post a tutorial video about your product usage. It can be like a life hack and make it more attractive for them to feel it is easy to perform. Learning is never-ending; if you make it more colorful and easier, you can ensure that the customers like your product or services.

5. Leadership Connects: 

As you post videos about the business and product, you can also post interviews with the top leader board. Let the people know who your top leadership guys are. Interview with Directors of CEOs makes a profound impact on the people.

6. Spread Awareness: 

Educate and spread awareness to the audiences on why they should shop from small businesses. Share the ideas through a video that why they must shop from local businesses. 

7. Thank You: 

Through TikTok, you can tell your customers’ followers, friends, and relatives a big thank you for supporting you in your journey. Saying thank you through a video means a lot to the audience. 

8. Shoutout: 

Make a video on giving shoutouts to other small business owners in the different or same niche. It does not matter the shoutout helps the audience to check the business page of other small business owners. 

9. Share Photoshoot Tips: 

You may click the products photo on your own, and through the course, you learned a lot. Do not feel shame to share your information with others. It helps your brand to get noticed. Try to be genuine and relevant.  

10. Discount Code: 

Yes, you can sell through TikTok. Make an exclusive coupon code for your Tik Tok followers. It increases engagement, and people who want to shop through social media can freely access the code and get specific discounts.  

11. Hold a Giveaway Contest: 

Arrange a giveaway contest as you do for Facebook or Instagram. The main intention is to gain genuine followers, and the winner who follows giveaway rules must win the contest. 

12. Share Satisfying Content: 

Your business needs attention, and viewers need satisfaction. So, you must create content for them that relates to happiness; then, you can get business attention. 

13. Ask to Follow: 

At the end of the video, there is no shame in asking the viewers to follow you. If you check in the insight of TikTok and watch that people are watching your videos, then there is no harm in asking them to follow your account. 

14. Life Hacks: 

Everyone loves hack videos, and you can share your twist of hack to the topic or niche. It is a great video idea to promote your business. 

15. Behind-the-Scenes: 

Everyone loves to watch the final video. But the struggle, time, and energy that needs to create that short video are enormous. Therefore, share the real side of the video, i.e., behind-the-scenes, to let the people what is going behind that perfect video. 

16. Share Mistakes: 

No one is perfect while doing business. So, you may have made many mistakes while starting your business. Therefore, you should share those mistakes with audiences to get inspiration and not repeat the same mistakes. 

17. Wish You Know: 

Make a video on this video while you are starting your small business journey. It helps many new small business owners to get them before they can dive into the trip. 

18. Online Tools to Share: 

Share a video on what online tools you use to edit photos and videos. It is a guide that helps new small business owners to learn the same. 

19. Guide to Using Products: 

Whatever products you sell, you must make a guide video to use them, store them, or care for them through TikTok. Why? It keeps the audience alert to know your products better. 

 The Bottom Line

While there are many more TikTok ideas for business promotion, these tips are incredible and reliable ones. Of course, you can use a celebrity as an influencer material to promote your business online, but it is expensive compared to the ones discussed in this article.