Gone are the days when you used to stick to the TV set to watch the channels you once were glued to. Now, the cable service providing companies have introduced cable TV apps for their subscribers through which you can easily watch TV shows of your choice on your mobile phones or tablets. If you are getting internet and TV services both from the same company then you get a vast variety of choices – you can access many features. However, if this is not the case – you will get internet service and TV service from different companies then you will have relatively limited access to channels.


Android users can have TV apps in three types – streaming services apps, cable apps, and network apps. In this article, we will try to quickly walk you through the break down of all the best Cable Providers TV apps, so you can access them as per your requirements. Let’s have a look at Cable provider TV apps in detail underneath.


Cable Provider TV Apps

Let’s check out the best cable provider TV apps, that can prove to be more than beneficial. Additionally, you can also seek help from a reputable mobile app development company in USA to sort any hassle with ease. Ultimately the choice is yours.

  1. Optimum TV App

This app, the Optimum TV App, has received the highest rating on play store, perhaps because it gives its users access to whatever channel they are subscribed to. Moreover, it has an on-demand library with a wide range of content. Besides that, it provides a complete channel guide and settings for parents (parental controls) too. Through this, you can use your android phone as a remote for your TV as well.


It has some other options available which you will not find in other apps – which makes it one of the great apps available on the market. It recommends what you would like to watch based on your personal preferences. Also, you will be connected to Optimum Wi-Fi hotspots automatically whenever required.


  1. Spectrum TV app

Spectrum is the merger of three major telecommunication companies, Charter, Time Warner Cable, and Bright House Cable providers. So, if you are a subscriber of any of these three cable service providers you can get access to the Spectrum App. You can watch your favorite TV shows on your phone or tablet through this app.

With Spectrum TV packages, when you step out, you can stream up to 120 TV channels along with 17000 on-demand content. Whereas when using home’s Wi-Fi you can watch up to 300 channels along with 25000+ on-demand content. It also has some more amazing features like favorite lists that enable you to add your favorite content in this, a guide, parental control – everything that a user would want to make it a smooth experience for you as a parent and controlling DVR.


  1. Xfinity TV app

Speaking of Xfinity TV App, where you would be able to access up to 180 TV channels and 10,000 on-demand content. And then again, like other TV apps, if a user is using Xfinity Wi-Fi then they can watch more channels and on-demand content. Having said that, what makes Xfinity different from the rest of the apps in the market is that on this X1 Cloud DVR recordings can be saved and watched even when you are offline – now how amazing is that! This makes it an ideal combo for people who are on a flight, all set to take a long road trip or someone who frequently travels – they won’t miss out on any of their favorite content while being on the go.


  1. DIRECTV App

It is yet another available app for people who want to watch TV on Android devices. It also provides access to TV channels and on-demand videos. Similarly, one can easily get DVR recordings downloaded in their phones through this app. Moreover, it can turn your device into a remote for your TV. But the most fascinating feature of this app is that if you are an AT & T customer, you will be able to stream on DIRECTV without any cost for a month which is a bonus point that will save you a lot of data and of course, money.


Final Thoughts:

The aforementioned apps are the most prominent as well as used apps for accessing cable TV content through android phones usually. There are many when you start searching but based on the popularity of the cable TV providers we have picked these. However, you can search for more, and if you know any amazing app that you are fond of, do share your recommendations in the comments section underneath this article.