If you are a gamer then you might have come across the ultimate gaming platform created by Sony that is PlayStation. I think everyone both gamers and non-gamers have heard about this product.

Yes, it’s that famous.

PlayStations are video gaming platforms introduced by Sony to play games on TV and on large screens. PlayStation got its immense fame because it delivers a high-class and super realistic gaming experience.

If you are a gamer and if you have played games on a PlayStation then you can completely relate to what I am trying to say here. But the concept of PlayStation is not for only playing games. You can also watch movies and online web series on your PlayStation.

There are different genres of games available to play on PlayStation and to store those games one must have enough space on the hard disk. But sometimes a gamer might possess a huge collection of games.

For that, you might need a larger space to store all the games. This is where the concept of using ps3 external hard drive comes into play. Today in this blog we will be discussing how to use an external hard drive PS3 to play more games and watch more movies.

But for those of you who don’t know anything about PlayStation 3 or PS3 like what the thing is and how and for what purpose it works, let me give a brief introduction of PlayStation first.

PlayStation 3 – Know the beast 

First released in the year 2006 by Sony Computer Entertainment, PlayStation 3 is a home video gaming console. PlayStation is a family that consists of several members starting from PlayStation 1.

PlayStation 3 is the proud successor of its previous versions. There are several gaming consoles available in the gaming market like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or Nintendo’s Wii, but PlayStation 3 is the first gaming console to use Blu-ray Disc as a primary storage medium.

Not only for gaming purposes but PlayStation is also used to build supercomputers for their high-performance computing nature. PS3 operates on an operating system of PlayStation3 system software.

With a memory capacity of 256 MB, XDR DRAM system and 256 GDDR3 video PS3 is supported by a graphics configuration of 550 MHz Nvidia/ SCEI RSX Reality Synthesizer.

Now if we talk about using a hard disk as PS3 external memory storage, then you have to check first whether your PS3 is compatible with the hard drive or not. But as the PS3 uses its internal hardware while you run any media file, thus you are restricted to play games directly from an external hard drive.

So let’s check out the procedure on how you can connect and use your external hard drive in your PlayStation 3.

How to use your external hard drive in your PlayStation 3?

Now that you have known many things about a PlayStation let us move on to the next section where we will see how to check whether your hard disk is compatible with your PlayStation 3 or not.

I am mentioning some by following which you can go through the process of checking.

Step 1:

At first, try to connect your ps3 external hard drive with your PC. But in the meantime, the file system will resist the external hard drive from being compatible with PS 3.

Here the problem is unlike Windows, PlayStation can’t read NTFS and it demands to format all external devices with FAT or FAT32.

Step 2:

This is a very important step. Now you need to create a backup of the files of your hard disk on your PC. As you have to format your hard disk before making it compatible with your PlayStation 3.

Step 3:

Insert your hard disk into your computer. In the file manager upon right-clicking on the hard drive icon you will find an option to format the hard disk. Check FAT instead of NTFS and remove the checkmark beside the “Quick Format”.

The formating process will take some time, depending upon the size of your hard disk space.

Step 4:

Now select all the files you want to run on your PlayStation 3 and copy them on your hard drive. Here you don’t have to worry about the file formats as media files extensions have nothing to do with the fact whether the system is using FAT or NTFS.

It is recommended that you sort all the files in your hard disk according to the file formats. After you are done with the process of transferring files from your computer to the hard drive, safely remove the ps3 external hard drive from your computer.

Step 5:

Connect the external hard drive to any one of the USB ports of the PlayStation console. From the XMB home menu, navigate through your files which are on the hard drive.

Step 6:

To get your external hard drive recognized in your PlayStation 3 scroll through the menu till you find a highlighted option saying “external hard drive”.

Press the “triangle” button on your controller and choose the “display all” option. By doing this you can see and can have access to the files that you have included in your hard drive. But the thing is you have to repeat this procedure every time you switch on the PlayStation. 

Step 7:

Navigate through the files available on your hard drive with the help of your controller. Use the “X” button to open any folder and “O” to go back.     


After reading the whole article you can now say that it is possible to connect an external hard drive to PlayStation 3 and also use it to play and store different media files as an external storage device.

And you can say that the above blog is a complete guide to teach you how to do that. So now you know the whole process of connecting an external drive to your PlayStation 3. So just connect your hard drive to your PS3 console and play more.

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