It’s a very common and nominal problem often faced by many users. This is the infamous keyboard locking problem. Every day due to several reasons people from all around the world face this problem.

The frequency of this problem is very much evident from the fact that the internet is filled with questions like “how to unlock keyboard” and many more questions related to this topic. That is why today this topic all your questions and queries about fixing a locked keyboard.

Why my Keyboard locked? The Causes: 

The most common cause for the locking of a keyboard is holding the shift key for too long. That is why the other name of the shift key is the keyboard lock key. If you hold the shift key on your keyboard for eight seconds then your keyboard will automatically get locked.

But apart from just this reason, your keyboard can get locked due to some other reasons also. Like if you have mistakenly pressed Num Lock then the numeric part of your keyboard will get locked.

Sometimes there arises some driver issue which can lead to a keyboard lock. But generally, this is a very rare case and does not occur frequently. Normally a keyboard fails to load properly if you are installing a new operating system on your system.

Apart from all these causes there only remains and that is the cable problem. Sometimes a loose connection or a loose USB socket can hamper the connectivity of the keyboard with the computer. Resulting in a keyboard seizer. But no matter what the reason is every locked keyboard can be unlocked.

So either you are facing the laptop keyboard locked issue or any other keyboard locked issue this article will guide you to unlock every keyboard you work on.

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Why my Laptop Keyboard Locked? The Solutions:

Now you know approximately the reasons behind your keyboard locked problem. So now let us look into some solutions for your keyboard locked up problem.

The below lists contain all the possible solutions to your locked keyboard problem. Try them out and see which solution is working in your case.

Change the Keyboard Settings from your System

According to us, this is the first thing you should check if you encounter the keyboard locked problem. If you see that only one part of your keyboard is locked then the Num Lock or Scroll Lock must be on or off. Check that first.

If doing this does not solve your problem then check for any kind of debris or large particles of dust under the keys of the keyboard. If you find any then remove those using a vacuum cleaner or just wipe it out using a toothbrush or paintbrush.

We would recommend you clean your keyboard with a vacuum cleaner. This will clean all the small portions of the keyboard. But if any of these procedures do not work then you have to change the accessibility settings from the system control panel.

Follow the below step in order to change the accessibility settings:

  1. Click on the Start button and go to the Control Panel of your system
  2. Now go to the section named “Ease of access center”.
  3. In that section, go to the keyboard settings. 
  4. Now make sure that the following settings boxes are unchecked:
  5. Sticky Keys-Turned On
  6. Toggle Keys-Turned On 
  7. Filter Keys- Turned On
  8. If everything looks fine then press the apply button to save your recent changes. 
  9. After completing the whole procedure press OK. 
  10. Now check your keyboard again and see if every key is working or not. If yes, then you have solved your problem but if no, then try the next solution.

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Check your Keyboard Connection

If you see that there is no problem with the settings of your system, then the next thing you can check is your connection. Sometimes a loose connection may lead to the keyboard locking problem.

Reconnecting your keyboard to your system might be considered as a solution. But if you are using a laptop then you can completely ignore this step unless you are using an external keyboard.

Here, you should take note that disconnecting or reconnecting the affected keyboard with your system works for both wired and wireless keyboards. In the case of wireless keyboards, you can also check the connection of the wireless modem that reads the keyboard.

But still, if the problem remains then restart your system in order to freshly connect and sync the keyboard with the system. Restarting your system might unlock your keyboard. 

Now if this does not do anything then only one solution left. Read the next section to know more about more solutions.

Check the Drivers

This is a very rare case that your keyboard is locked due to driver issues. This generally happens when you update your operating system and the USB driver you were using before is either outdated or not compatible with the newer version of the operating system.

So if you think that outdated drivers are the root cause of your keyboard locked up the problem then you have to update that driver. You can either update the driver directly from the keyboard manufacturer’s website or you can do it from Windows.

In order to update the drivers from Windows, all you need to do is-

  1. Go to Start and right-click on the computer
  2. Now by choosing Manage to go to the Device Manager. 
  3. From here right-click on the keyboard option and choose Update Driver Software. 

As mentioned earlier driver problem is a rare case issue. But if you see that nothing else is working for your locked keyboard problem then you should check for any kind of outdated drivers. 

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Other Solutions 

Well apart from the connectivity and driver issues, the problem may lie in the hardware itself. To solve any kind of hardware issue you have to contact the keyboard manufacturer.

Apart from this you can also check for wear and tear in the connecting cable of the keyboard. Try to use the keyboard in some other system. Now if nothing is working in your case then the last option is to throw the keyboard out of the window.

In the End

The problem we have discussed in the above topic is a very common one and generally faced by a lot of people. That is why we have listed all the possible solutions to this keyboard-locked problem.

Follow the above solutions to get yourself out of this problem and unlock your keyboard right away.