An email continues to play an important role in personal and business communications. This is not only a common and convenient tool but also the only option for registration on various websites.

Microsoft Outlook has over 400 million active users, who often use their mailboxes on Android and iOS smartphones. This is the reason why syncing addresses on portable gadgets with other services is crucial for hassle-free access from any gadget or place. Sometimes, to export contacts from Outlook 2016 you need to use third-party software. However, in most cases, it is possible to do it manually. If you are a regular user who has no idea how to sync Outlook Address Book with your smartphone, don’t give up. We’ll show you a few tricks on how to do it.

How to Sync Outlook Contacts with Android

To synchronize your Outlook Address Book with your Android device, your email provider has to offer the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync feature. Most popular email services like Gmail provide this feature:

  • Open Settings – Apps – Outlook on your device;
  • Choose Permissions in the App info menu;
  • Enable Contacts tumbler;
  • Open Outlook – Settings;
  • Tap on your account and then tap Sync Contacts

Synchronizing Outlook Contacts on iPhone

iPhones often do a perfect job of synchronizing and updating contacts on various devices. Nevertheless, it doesn’t always work, for example, when the owner sets incorrect permission settings or has general software issues such as bugs that prevent Outlook from syncing with your phone. One can synchronize an Address Book with iPhone using Settings, iCloud, email, iTunes, vCards, or Exchange. Let’s consider the basic option with using the iPhone Settings:

  • Open Settings – Outlook;
  • Enable the tumbler next to the Contacts;
  • Open Outlook and go to Settings – Email Accounts – Sync contacts.

For iPad, you have two options – iTunes or iCloud. If you use iCloud on your PC, you can try to copy addresses to it and upload them on your iPad. However, if you use iTunes on your PC, you can synchronize contacts using this program.

Also, if you have a PST file on your PC with all your account data, you are free to import contacts to iCloud in two steps – convert PST contacts to vCards and then import the file to iCloud.


In Conclusion

Outlook is a handy program for people who work with a large number of contacts. Using it, you can customize the list of existing contacts in detail, organize them, add new ones and delete unnecessary ones. At any time, you can download all information from your Address Book to a separate file so that in the future you can upload it back or transfer it to another device. Isn’t it easy?

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I transfer my Contacts from Outlook to my phone?

Go to the Contacts icon on your Android phone. Tap the Contacts now and you will see your cell phone’s list of all contacts. Tap the three-dot icon and tap the Import/Export option from the menu list. Choose Import from.

How do I sync my office 365 Contacts to my Samsung Android?

1. Open your smartphone’s settings for Android.
2. Menu Option Tap Accounts Sync.
3. Click the Add Account button.
4. The Microsoft Exchange/Exchange/Exchange Activesync option or corporate option can be selected.
5. Enter your Office 365 account’s email address and password.