There are a lot of website developers on the market today: both freelance webmasters and professional companies. Here is not considered the economical option of creating a website with the involvement of a freelancer and the problems + risks associated with hiring a “familiar” student-programmer. If you represent a company, then obviously you need a professional website to solve your business problems, and your choice will definitely be in favor of a professional software development company.

Search for potential site developers

You need to select about 5 – 10 companies that will reach the “final” selection. Use the following sources for your search:

  • Competitor sites. Find competitor sites that you like. Your site should be the best of all competitors. At the bottom of the site page, as a rule, development companies leave their nameplate.
  • Find out from the companies you know who designed their sites and their impressions. Perhaps a company will be recommended to you.
  • Search in Yandex or Google. Use multiple searches and look at the first, second, and third page of results. On the first page, as a rule, studios with “overpriced” works.

Request a commercial offer

Next, you should call each of them and request a commercial proposal. After calling, about half of the companies found should remain: some will not suit you, and some will not answer you at all. As a result, you will receive about 5 commercial offers. The commercial proposal should describe your future site and give an idea of ​​its functionality, contain the timing and cost of developing a website. The design of the KP of the design studio must be flawless, of course.

Criteria for choosing a company-developer

When choosing a development company, it is necessary to take into account a number of criteria specific to web studios. Use our criteria table to evaluate potential developers for your site. In it, we introduced the most important properties that a development company should have. Each property has a certain weight, a certain value to you. Weight (value) is governed by the maximum score you can give to each surveyed company for each property.

See how the communication with the representatives of the developer company is going on. At the first request, you should be given the opportunity to speak with any employee who is working on your project. Employees are required to communicate with you in the same language in case if you choose offshore developers.

A professional agency always has office It is also important where it is located. Successful companies can easily afford to rent an expensive office in the city center. When in the section with contacts there is only a phone number, and you can write about a project only through Viber, then remember that this is not a professional studio, but a one-day company. It is not recommended for anyone to work with such “specialists”.

To sum up

Choose for yourself what criteria will be important when website development is needed. Once you have carefully searched for intelligent performers, you will already be sure that there will not be any unforeseen problems. Correctly assessing the situation, not only a high-quality project will be made, which will have a positive effect on the development of your business. In addition, you will find a reliable business partner. He will sometimes be able to do much more than is written in the contract.