If you are an avid user of the internet, then you may have noticed or come across various ads when you surf the web. You’ll see the following statement below the ad, “Advertising By Search Encrypt”. If you haven’t seen the Search Encrypt on the system then the system may have been used for advertising utilities. In that case, you’d have to get rid of it. For more details on how to get rid of search encrypt, follow the rest of the contents below on remove search encrypt!

Search Encrypt. What is it?

So “what is search encrypt? Based on the idea, you may have already guessed what it is. It is an adware. What it does, is promote ads to users. When it penetrates through the system and has covered the system successfully, you’ll be shown ads often. And with every click you place on the ad, the scammers or fraudsters get a small amount of money for it. 

This is one of the major reasons why these ads keep showing up even when you wish to not see it anymore. Because of 1 out of every 4 ads, you’d be mistakenly clicking it as it appears randomly when you are working on the system. 

Search Encrypt. How does it work?

Once the adware has entered the system, it scans the browser, checks the settings of it and then makes alternations to the browser to fit in. After that, it makes changes to the home page of the browser. Then, it replaces the search with the fraudster’s search. Once that is done, Google, Yahoo or Bing will no longer be the home page. 

Whatever you search for, the ads will come up in relevance to that. And not just one ad per day, but multiple ads whenever you search the web. You may come to think that you can restore the settings of the browser. But unfortunately, that does not work either. 

Search Encrypt makes sure that even if you make an attempt to restore the original default settings of the browser, you’d still have the search for scammers. You can also think that by uninstalling the program, you’d be getting rid of it but that also is useless. 

It is a program that is made of protection so even if you remove it from the system, it will come around to haunt you again. So “how do i get rid of search encrypt”? Check out below.

Easy Ways of Removing Search Encrypt

Go through this section to get contents on how to remove search encrypt successfully:

Solution 1: Uninstall Program File

So “how to delete search encrypt”? The first thing you need to do is, get rid of any malicious file from the system which got installed in the system or simply uninstall search encrypt. Here’s what you need to do:

Go to the “Start” section and then search for “Programs And Features”. Then click on the result. Or you can g to Control Panel and from there, select “Programs And Features”. 

Then select the option called “Uninstall A Program” under the program tab. Now you will have a list of all the programs that are installed on the system. Locate the malicious file among all the program files. Search for the file called “Search Encrypt” and then click on it. Then select the option called “Uninstall”. 

Now you will get a confirmation box to allow the uninstallation of the program. Click on the button called” Yes” to continue with the process. Once it has been uninstalled, restart the system and check if search encrypt has been removed or not. 

Solution 2: Remove Search Encrypt Using Malware Byte

As you know, Malwarebyte exists for all good reasons. For this reason, you can put it to use and make it remove the search encrypt malware in the following way. 

As it comes free of cost for the first 14 days prior to the installation, the work should take a few minutes to get it done. 

First download the malware byte from the internet, from a trusted source. Once the download is finished, go to the location where the setup file got downloaded. Double click on it so that the setup file begins installation. 

Now click on the “Yes” button in the following confirmation box. As the installation begins, follow the instructional wizard as it guides you. Then finally, click on the option called “Agree & Install” and then the installation will start. 

When Malwarebytes has been installed, click on the option called “Scan Now” so that it performs a whole scan of the system. Once the scan is finished, the application will let you be aware of what has been caught in the scan. Choose the files that have been detected on the scan and then choose the option called “Quarantine Selected”. 

After that simply restart the system as asked by the Malwarebyte program. Now when you restart it, you’ll see that Search Encrypt has been removed from the system successfully. 

Solution 3: Remove Search Encrypt Elements

Removing the program file of search encrypt will not get rid of it completely. You’d have t delete all the remaining elements of the search encrypt from the system. For that, here’s what you need to do:

Go to the “Start” button and then from there go to “Control Panel”. Now in the top section for the control panel, type in the following address and hit the enter key:

“C:|Program  Files|Search Encrypt”

Then select the “Data” file and then go to the App Data folder. Now clear all elements from the folders. 

Solution 4: Clear Search Encrypt from Registry

To remove Search Encrypt from the registry, do the following steps:

Go to the “Start” button and then type “Regedit.exe” in the search box. When the registry opens, look for the file called “Search Encrypt and then get rid of all the files that are associated with Search Encrypt. Then restart the system after that. 

How to Remove Search Encrypt from Web Browsers?

If you are looking for ways to disable or remove search encrypt from web browsers, then here’s what you can do: 

For Google Chrome Browser

Launch the Google Chrome website and then go to the option called “Customize & Control Google Chrome”. Then, select the option called “More Tools”. Now, click on the option called “Extensions”.

Now among the list of all the extensions available, click on “Search Encrypt” and then choose the “Remove” option to get rid of it. Then exit the browser. 

For Internet Explorer

Launch the Internet Explorer browser and then go to the option called “Tools”. From there, click on the option called “Manage Add Ons”. Now you will have a list of all the add ons that work as extensions of the browser. Find the Search Encrypt” add-on and then get rid of it using the “remove” button. 

Also, change the default homepage to what it was originally. Go to “Tools” and select the option called “Internet Options” and then go to “General”. Now click on the “Home Page” option and change it to “about:blank”. 

For Mozilla Firefox

To remove search encrypt from Mozilla Firefox browser, do the following steps:

Go to the “Menu” option and then click on the option called “Add-ons”. Then click on” Extensions”. From the list of all the extensions available, choose Search Encrypt” and remove it. 

To change the homepage, go to “Menu” and then click on “Options”. Then go to “General” and change the field of homepage into “about:blank”. 

For the Opera Browser

Open Opera Browser and then select the “Customize and Control Opera”. Then select “Extensions”. From there, locate Search Encrypt” and click on the button called “Remove From Opera”. 

In order to change the homepage, go to “Settings” from “Customize and Control Opera” and then select the option called “On Startup”. Then, you can open a page and choose the “Set Pages” option. Now set the homepage to the page that you originally used. After that exit the browser.