Rust is a multiplayer game that requires teamwork, strategy, survival instinct, and intuition. Since the game supports teamwork, it’s best to play with your friends who understand game strategies.

If you work together on Rust, you can easily beat the odds and survive. Fighting off other players with weapons and animals with big fangs and teeth who’re all out to get you won’t be an easy task. So, playing with a group of gaming friends or clans will ensure your survival.

But to play Rust with friends online, you need to find them first and create a team. But how to do that is the challenge. But there are ways to do it quickly. So, if you’re ready for the adventure, this article will guide you on finding your gaming friends in Rust.

How To Find Friends and Play Rust Online

1. Use the same server 

To play as a group, you must use a server that can accommodate everyone.  You can find the server and tell others to join. Once everyone joins, you are now playing on one server, making it easier to find one another. If you’re not on the same server, the steps below won’t work. So, start from there.

2. Find your friends

There are two ways to find your friends on Rust.

a) Sharing your coordinates

Showing your friends where you are for them to find you is the simplest method that should work. To do this, hold down the “G” for the map to come up. Then share your coordinates with your friends for them to meet you. But they can still send theirs to you, and you find them. If this is going to be hard, pick specific coordinates and meet up there.

However, this method would be simplest if your friends spawn near you. But if they’re on another part of the beach, it won’t work. So, press “F1” to open the console menu and then type “Kill” and press “Enter.” This will open a menu where you should then select “Respawn At a Camp.”

Killing yourself will take you to another random spawn to get close to your friends. You can land in Forest, Desert or Snow. To Respawn is to commit suicide in Rust. But it’s also the fastest way of traveling although you’ll lose your resources when you do it.

b) Earn and allocate sleeping bags to friends

Sending a sleeping bag with a friend’s name on Rust helps them to respawn and come closer to you. To get the bags, you need to earn 30 cloth to make them. So, you need to search for animals to kill or enter the forest to locate the hemp plants.

If you find three hemp fibers, you’ll make a sleeping bag. Also, you can search for animals, kill them and get their cloth. Once you get the 30 cloth, you can make your sleeping bag. Simply press the tab key to check your inventory. If it’s complete, press the “crafting key,” then create a sleeping bag.

But be sure that there’s an empty slot in the action bar. If you don’t have an empty slot, right-click on one of your unused items to remove it and keep the slot empty. Use the sleeping bag you’ve created in the action bar and place it on the ground.

To do that, hold the “E” key to select the “Give To Friend” option. Then type in the name of your friend or click on the name. Once you’ve done that, tell your friend to hold open the game console by pressing “F1” and type in “Kill.” After doing that, your friend will respawn close to you.

If you have many friends to invite, keep creating the sleeping bags and assigning them one after another.

3. Create a Team and invite friends

After your friends are close to you, your next move is to create your team. To do that, open the Rust Menu and select “Create Team.” Afterward, start inviting your friends to the team by selecting “Invite to Team.” Once you invite your friends, they’ll open their “Inventory” or press “Tab” to join your team.  Once they join, you can now see one another.

Anyone can also leave the team anytime by going to inventory and selecting the leave team button.


Playing Rust online with friends is the bomb. Since it’s a multi-player game, you can enjoy it to the fullest by inviting your friends one after the other to create a team. There are lots of enemies to kill in Rust. Also, you need to stay alive to win.

So, it’s best to do everything it takes to make it alive or at least kill yourself instead of being killed by a dirty-toothed animal. But if you’re not up for all the stress, you can use a rust cheat to make things easier for you.