It is essentially interesting when you learn a trick or two when you’re a gamer, or even streaming. One such cool trick that most gamers or streamers would love to be able to do is, how to play music with the help of a mic. Over the course of time, this trick has been trending among many gamers all over the globe. However, the trend is not too mainstream. This is because most pro gamers or pro streamers do not require it. 

However, if you are one of those people who’d like to know how to play music with the help of a mic, then you’ve come to the right page. The best thing about this trick is that anyone can do it after reading it. 

How to Play Music with the Help of Mic?

So “how to play music through mic”? Or “how to play audio through mic”?  In order to be able to play music through the mic, you need to consider a few things. For example, you need to make sure that whatever program you download from the internet, needs to be virus-free or the very least, threat-free. 

Also, keep in mind that you need to have a good microphone to be able to stream properly. That being said, the microphone should have an audio port that can be connected to any device for streaming. 

1. Use Stereo Mix

how to play sounds through mic”? Before you can consider using any third-party software or program, try using a stereo mix that is available on the system. Stereo mix has the ability to play music with and without the connection of a microphone. This means if you speak anything through the mic then stereo mix can play it for you on the system. Here’s how to do it:

Go to the bottom right panel of the Windows screen and then select the icon of the speaker. Then choose the option called “ Recording devices”. After that, a  new box will show up on the screen. In that box, select the option called “Recording”. 

Now, toggle and turn off the option called “Show Disabled Devices”. Again, toggle and enable the option called “Show Disconnected Devices”.After you’ve enabled both the options, you will see an option called “Stereo Mix”. right-click on the option and then select the option called “Enable”. 

Now that you’ve made it a default device, you’d be able to use it for streaming with other voice programs. 

If you are one of those people who’s unable to find the Stereo Mix option on the system then it is most likely because there isn’t a sound card available. In that case, you need to install a sound card for the system. 

2. Use SoundBoard & VAC

how to play music through mic discord”? If the previous method on “how to play music through mic windows 10” has not worked out for you, then here’s what you can do. You can try using the virtual audio cable as a model of sound transmission which works well. Also, you can use Soundboard for the same and here’s how to do that:

To proceed with this step, you need to download the required programs such as a Soundboard and a VAC Driver. After the download is done successfully, do the following steps:

Go to the bottom right panel of the screen and click on the icon of the speaker and then select the option called “Recording Devices”. After that, keep in mind that both the Cable Input and Output are set and turned on under the “Playback” and the “Recording” option. 

Now under the “recording” tab, make sure that you’ve Cable Output as the default microphone. Now, make the speakers as the default device, under the “Playback” option. 

Now, to enable the use of Soundcard, go to the “Settings” option and then click on the option called “Sound”. From there, choose the output device as a default device and then choose the Sabel Input as the second default device. 

Now go back to the soundbox and then open the property of Microphone. After that, select the option called “Listen”. Under that, choose the option called “Listen To This Device”. For the option called “Playback through this device to be”, make the Cable Input as the mode. Now since all the settings are done, you can start using the mic and play music through it. 

3. Use Voicemeter

Similar to the previous option, you can use the combination of voice meter, VAC, and a soundbar to play music through a mic. Here’s how to do it:

Go to the bottom section and click on the audio icon. Then, select the option called “Playback Devices”. Now, make sure you’ve enabled the VoiceMeter for both the input and output. Often times, you may not be able to see the option. In such times, click on a blank space and then in the following box, click on the option called “Show Disabled Devices”.

After that choose the “Recording” option. After that, make the Voicemeter Output as the default device. Then, go to the option called “EXP Soundboard”. Then, make Voicemeter as the 1st output and then the Cable Output as the second output. 

Then the last thing to do is make the main speaker as the Hardware Output and the voice meter as the hardware input. 


Now that you have an idea of how to play music over the mic or how to play music through mic and talk, you can get started with it immediately. However, if you any problem you can ask for Speaker Repair easily.

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