Getting into someone’s smartphone requires some phone monitoring skills. However, many other methods let you check someone’s smartphone without touching it. If you want to monitor your husband’s phone contacts, you need to use an online phone tracking solution.

In this article, we will share an easy guide to hack into someone’s phone to check their contacts. To follow this guide, you do not need any background knowledge or any technical skills. However, we recommend reading the complete article before you rush to try the method on someone’s smartphone.

We will share a method with the best phone monitoring application that will help you out. 

We will learn:

  • What is Phone Monitoring?
  • About Minspy
  • Easiest Method to Track Someone’s Mobile Contacts
  • What Else to Expect From this Platform?

What is Phone Monitoring?

Phone monitoring is a method of accessing a smartphone without letting its owner know about it. The method is considered the easiest way to get into someone’s smartphone remotely. People with little or no technical knowledge prefer this method.

Professional phone trackers recommend using spy apps to check browser history, messages, call logs, location, contacts, and installed applications. The security of this method is exceptional as you stay anonymous in the whole process.

It means that you can monitor someone’s mobile phone without compromising your privacy. 

There are many phone monitoring applications where you can get this service. However, the main challenge is to find a trusted platform. Also, you need to consider the tools and features offered by different solutions.

We did some research and tried several platforms on a sample smartphone. We found out that Minspy is the most reliable platform to get these services.

About Minspy


Minspy is one of the first applications to introduce phone monitoring services to its customers. It is the first choice of every professional to monitor a smartphone online. This online platform provides the technology to connect a smartphone with an online account to monitor its activities whenever you want.

The user interface of this platform makes it much easier to understand how it works. Additionally, there is a demo version on its homepage that gives you a sample smartphone to check out its services.

Back to your main concern, you can easily track your husband’s phone contacts with this platform. Also, you can check the call logs, messages, and location of their smartphone with a single click.

Here’s the complete guide to help you out.

Easiest Method to Track Someone’s Mobile Contacts

As promised earlier, here is a step-by-step guide to check someone’s contacts without any interruptions. This guide is designed for beginners and all the steps are explained in simple words.

Part1: Registerin on Minispy


The first part of this guide includes registering on the platform for a free account. To do this, you need to visit Minspy’s website and click on the Try Now button at the top of its homepage. It will open a new page where you can enter your name and email address to create an account.

You will also need to create a password for your account. Thus, choose an unrelated password for your online account.

Part2: Choosing the Membership Plan

The next part is about choosing the membership plan for your account. The website will offer different plans that come with different features. However, the main difference between the memberships is based on how many devices you want to monitor. The basic membership allows you to monitor a single device.

After choosing the membership, pay the amount and wait for the confirmation mail from the platform. 

Part3: Connect the Smartphone

Now you need to connect your husband’s smartphone with your online account. For this, you need to choose the smartphone used by your husband. For Android and iPhone devices, you need to follow the below instructions:

To monitor an Android device, you need to install the setup received on your email address into your husband’s Android smartphone. Install this tool just like you install any other application. After that, you can hide the application using the in-app instructions.

To monitor an iPhone, you need to enter the iCloud login details on your Minspy account. After this, you need to wait until the website sync the smartphone with your account.

Part4: Check Mobile Contacts


You are all set to check the contacts of your smartphone. On your Minspy account, click on the dashboard and you will find different options as shown in the above picture. You need to click on Contacts and it will show the complete list of contacts available on that smartphone.

Similarly, you can click on any other tool to find the related information. 

Once you get this data, you can log out of your account from the web browser. However, you can log in back anytime to check the updated data from the smartphone.

What Else to Expect From this Platform?

Minspy is not just about phone monitoring services as it also focuses on your privacy. It ensures that you get an easy way to monitor someone’s smartphone without losing your data. Also, it has many advanced features that you can not find on any other platform. 

That is why you can use this website to get these services conveniently. Also, the membership plans are affordable compared to similar platforms.

We like their Android keylogger that can record every text, password, or message from someone’s smartphone. Also, it has a location tracker that can find the live location of any device you want.

Final Words

Most people believe that phone tracking is not possible for people with no technical skills. However, platforms like Minspy ensures that everyone gets a fair chance to use these services online. We shared the complete guide to tracking someone’s phone activities with this solution.

All you need is to follow the steps and get the information out of any device. If you face any problems, you can contact its support to get some quick solutions.