The majority of the people believe that they can not get a mortgage since they’ve a history of poor credit. While it is actually true that certain mortgage lenders prefer clients with a pristine credit file, the idea that having poor credit disqualifies you automatically from mortgage approval is nothing but a misconception.

Well, it is actually possible to get a mortgage with poor credit, & in today’s guide, we are going into more detail regarding which credit lenders usually accept, & how much deposit you will require & how a professional mortgage broker can help to boost the possibilities of success.

Moreover in our FAQ section, we have answer all the queries we hear most frequently from clients who are searching for a poor credit mortgage

What is a bad credit mortgage?

A poor credit mortgage is for borrowers with adverse credit, a bad credit score or poor credit rating. Professional providers will offer loans to low credit applicants, but the monthly payments along with the interest rates offered may be higher than for clients with clean credit. Therefore, if you’ve enough monthly income or a healthy deposit, this might be easily possible to locate a reliable deal.

Professionals who sell niche financial stuff like this tend to be more comfortable in their lending & decisions would be based on the severity, age, as well as the cause of the credit issue in question.

Let’s check out how to get a mortgage with bad credit

Well the  key is locating the correct mortgage lender, one who is an expert in client with your type of credit issues, completely determines it & is the most reliable positioned to lend under such situations. You will be able to boost up the   possibilities by approaching a poor credit mortgage broker, since they can help you to find the most convenient mortgage providers and deals in order to suit your requirements.

Well here are some of the key steps to take while preparing for a poor credit mortgage application…

1. Get the credit reports first

It must be the very first port of call, since checking which credit oriented problems are showing up on the online sites would give you the idea of the mortgage providers you can able to opt for. They will display your past loans, overdrafts, credit cards, along with the utility bills. Always keep in mind that all 3 files can vary in terms of what they involve, therefore, it might be possible to locate a best possible deal even if one or more of the companies reports issues. By getting data from the 3 different financial firms, you can also ensure that they are up-to-date & challenge any sorts of potential mistakes.

2. Try to Raise as much deposit as possible & carry out the credit repair

The very next thing, you have to optimise your credit rating in creating your application, in order to minimise any sorts of risk your adverse might make. You can check out blogs where we will define  ‘How to improve your credit rating for a mortgage’. This might also help you to raise as much additional deposit as you can at this point of time, since putting down some additional money can also offset some of the potential risk incorporated in the deal.

3. Try to Avoid multiple credit searches

Well, approaching a different lender for a bad credit loan or opting for multiple applications online comes with a number of potential risks of being turned away. And it is because not all clients with adverse conditions are catered for, & having a number of ‘hard’ credit checks for a mortgage on the credit report can further jeopardise the possibilities of getting approved.

4. Make sure to find a broker who specialises in bad credit mortgages

The most reliable as well as convenient way for someone with a low credit history in order to get a loan is through a reliable broker with access to the entire market. And in this way, you can rest assured that the best suited deals you are eligible for would be within reach.

So, here’s what you need to look for in a broker…

The complete of market & independent

Fair and reasonable fee structure – they must only bill you on the success

Provides you the access to the most convenient deals

Has outstanding products

Has good connection with commercial finance

Is whole-of-market for insurance

Has several years of experience

Has lots of satisfies customers


The professional Debt advisors we deal with have been hand-picked to ensure they have all of the above-mentioned qualities, & they’ve a good track record of providing the best deals for people with low credit score.

Wondering How to apply

Since we have already mentioned in the above, the most reliable and trustworthy way to apply is through a whole-of-market broker. And in this way, you will ensure that you have access to all of the best suited deals you are eligible for.

Fees and charges

Usually charges might incorporate…

Booking charges

Legal charges

Stamp Duty

Valuation fees

Arrangement fees

Early repayment fees and exit charges

You have to note that you might not have to repay all of the above, since certain lenders provide inclusive deals.

Low credit borrowers must also keep in mind that the extra charges they are asked to repay may be somewhat higher than a client with pristine credit, however that does not mean locating a good deal is impossible.

Credit oriented problems that may be ignored

Bankruptcies and repossessions are usually considered the most severe sorts of adverse credit you might have on your file, while other matters such as missed phone bill payments are some of the normal problems that the majority of the providers might be willing to ignore.

Professional providers usually take a more reliable approach than those on the high street & can provide a lifeline to applicants with the following…

Low credit score

No credit history

Missed mortgage payments


Late payments


Debt management plan mortgage

IVAs credit file


Debt management plan mortgage

Multiple credit problems


Payday Loans

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These professional providers usually base their lending decision on the cause & severity of the adverse, the age of the credit problem, & how nearly you meet their other affordability & eligibility requirements.So, you can get in touch with a reliable step change uk financial advisor amd then go for the mortgage….they will give you the best possible suggest according to your needs and requirement.