Your Xfinity cable box can allow you to connect multiple TV sets to the network. It allows you to view your favourite movies and shows through the internet. You can usually expect a great experience from your Xfinity cable box. However, it might not always remain free from issues and can face various errors while functioning.

You must check the error code and message properly whenever your Xfinity cable box shows one. They might help you know all that you need to about the issue. Do you see the error code RDK-03117? This might indicate a power outage among other issues. Keep reading to know how you can resolve this error effectively. 

What does the RDK-03117 Error Mean and What are its Solutions?

The error you are facing has multiple possible explanations. So, you might not get a solution the same way every time. Try out the following solutions if you are unable find the cause of the error:

Fix the Cable Connection to the Main Box

Have you set up multiple smaller boxes along with your Xfinity main box? Then, you must check for any problems with the main box first. Before checking the box itself, you must check its cable connections for issues. In this case, you must make sure that they are properly inserted into the box. 

If the cables are connected properly and the issue persists, consider replacing them. However, you might not want to buy a new cable right away. So, you can simply borrow the type of cable needed for your Xfinity cable box. Check on the RDK-03117 error once you have taken the aforementioned steps.

Restart the Main Cable Box

Does the cable connection to the main box seems proper? It might be temporary issues that are causing the error. Restarting the box should help you fix such problems immediately and effectively. In this case, you must turn off the box and unplug it. 

Leave the box alone for 15 seconds before you plug it back in and turn it on. Then, check whether you get the RDK-03117 error code again. If the issue persists, the problem might lie in the internet connection. Sometimes, it might also have something to do with the smaller boxes. 

Restart the Smaller Boxes and the Gateway

Are you unable to receive any signals on the smaller cable boxes? You must try restarting the affected box for a solution. Turn it off for at least 15 seconds before turning it back on. Then, check whether it can receive the signals from the main box. If it still cannot, that might indicate hardware damage, and you have to replace it. 

In your case, you must also check whether the gateway is at fault for the RDK-03117 error. Shut it down for 30 seconds and turn it back on to check on the problem. You might have to switch to an ethernet connection if your cable boxes cannot connect to the gateway. 

Reset the Affected Cable Box

The error you keep seeing might sometimes indicate a configuration issue with the cable box. So, you might have to reset the box that shows the error. Which one you must restart depends on whether all smaller boxes are affected. Have you switched on only one of the boxes you have set up? You should consider turning on them and checking for any errors. 

If some of the Smaller Boxes show RDK-03117 Error

You need the Xfinity My Account app on your smartphone to reset a cable box. So, download this app if you have not already and launch it on your device. Go to the Overview menu and click on the TV option given there. This will bring up the list of Xfinity devices that you are using. 

In this case, you must select the affected boxes for troubleshooting. Also, make sure to select the right boxes for resetting. Select the Troubleshoot option for the box and click on Continue. Then, use the System Refresh option to restore the default configuration. 

You must configure the cable box again according to your preferences after resetting it. If this does not fix the RDK-03117, there might be some issue with your internet connection. 

When Your Cable Boxes have Errored

If none of the boxes is receiving signals, the problem might lie in the main box. In that case, you must immediately reset the main cable box instead of the smaller ones. The steps for doing that are pretty much the same as mentioned above. You must select only the main box for troubleshooting in this case. Perform a system refresh and connect the box to the gateway once done. 

Fix Internet Connection Issues

Your Xfinity cable box might show the RDK-03117 error due to an internet problem. So, you might need to take the necessary steps to fix that in some cases. First, you must try reconnecting your cable box to the gateway. This can fix many connection errors between the two devices. If that does not work, you must try using ethernet with the gateway. 

Sometimes, you might have to update the router’s firmware for an effective solution. As you might know, you need to log into your router for that. Go to the firmware section and get the latest update you can find. Alternatively, you can also consider resetting your router to its default settings. That should provide an effective solution if the problem had anything to do with a misconfiguration.

Contact Your Service Provider

You have faced a power outage if all of the aforementioned solutions have failed. A damaged gateway or cable box is the only explanation left for the issue apart from that. So, you must call your internet and cable box provider without further delay. Wait for them to fix the issue if there is a service outage.