If you are a developer or even a local user of a computer system, you may be familiar with fix “err_cache_miss”. This is known to be a common error code that may people have been facing while using the Google Chrome browser. Mostly it has been reported by developers who make an attempt to test their applications. However, if the code run by the developers is incorrect or has wrong parameters, then this error is likely to appear.

To get more information on this err_cache_miss android error and how you can resolve it, follow the contents below!

How to fix err_cache_miss? What does it Signify?

As this err_cache_miss fix error is related to Google Chrome, the reason lies within that. Usually, what the error means is that there is some bug or issues related to the cache system. In relation to that, the cache system is known to be a website that lands you on, when any application (Web-based) is run with faulty codes.

Another most relevant reason for the error to come up issues within the Google Chrome browser itself. Such as issues related to extensions being corrupted. Or, software bugs and incorrect settings of the browser.

However, regardless of the reasons, you can still resolve the issue in a few simple steps. Simply go through the next section. 

Steps on Resolving Err_Cache_Miss Error! 

In this section, you’ll find some relevant content on how to fix err_cache_miss that you can put to use to resolve the problem!

Solution 1: Flush Out Browser Data

It is possible that there is a conflict when you load a website and that is caused by browsing data. As basic as this solution is, it may work. So, to clear the browser data, do the following;

At first, launch the Google Chrome browser and using the “H” and Ctrl” key, open the box for clearing the browser data. As the box appears, make sure you’ve ticked all the options in the box to clear out the browser data. 

After that, click on the option called “Clear Browsing Data”. Once that is done, exit the browser and re-open it again. Now check if you can get the error or not. If you do, follow the next solution. 

Solution 2: Make Use of the Developers Tool

If you don’t know about this solution, then here’s a brief idea of what you can do with the developer’s tool:

First, open the Google Chrome browser and then go to the mains settings of the browser. From “Settings”, go to the option called “Preferences”. In short, you can also open “Preferences” directly, using the “Ctrl” and the “I” key on the keyboard.

Now tick the option called “Disable cache” and then apply to it. Now you can refresh the web page. Or you can simply restart the web browser and check if the solution resolved the err_cache_miss chrome issue or not. 

Solution 3: Flush Out DNS Cache

Often times, the DNS can be a reason for the issue. In that case, you can try flushing out the DNS cache that gets accumulated over the course of time.

Once you’ve cleared the DNS cache, check if you get the issue or not. 

Solution 4: Get Rid of Browser Extension on Chrome

As much as browser extensions are helpful to the browser, it can also cause issues and fix err_cache_miss might come up. In that case, to know for sure, remove the extensions from the browser. Or you can simply disable them for a temporary period to check that is the main cause for the error.

Simply open the Google Chrome Web browser and then click on “Settings” on the top right corner. Then click on the option called “More Tools”.  From there, select the “Extensions” option. Now from the “Extensions” option, disable all the extensions.

Solution 5: Uninstall Any Adware Program

If you have any adware program then it is advisable that you uninstall it from the computer system. Adwares are known to be quite troublesome and oftentimes then get installed in the system without your notice.