The connect error 10060 are of five types – The first one is socket error, the second one is SFTP error, the third one is TCP error, the fourth one is Microsoft Outlook error, and the last one is SMTP error. All of these errors can occur anytime while working with your PC, and you can also call them common errors. 

Of course, you have to deal with them. Otherwise, your ongoing work will get hampered. It seems that you are eager to know the causes behind these errors. All the reasons are different, and you will come to know all the details. After that, the solutions will follow.

Probable Causes behind the Error 

When the socket connect error 10060 takes place, there might be some issues with the host. If this error occurs, then the outgoing data packets can be affected. Here, the security application and the firewall on your PC plays a crucial role. 

When the SFTP error occurs, there is surely the presence of the wrong host or port, restrictions of local firewall or security application, issues of firewall in the main server and many more. 

The TCP connect error 10060 occurs when an internet connection is trying to connect with the main server but fails. Either the server didn’t respond properly, or the connection has got timed out. 

The 10060 error code is related to Microsoft Outlook. This happens when your system software is outdated. Furthermore, the improper email client settings, firewall, proxy are responsible for the issue. 

The SMTP connect error 10060 takes place when it has failed to receive messages. Sometimes, the connection is dropped for obvious reasons. This may be one of the reasons why the error takes place. 

The Solutions, Let’s have a Detailed Look

As you already know that there are five types of connect error 10060. You will get to know all the solutions in detail. 

Fix Socket Error 10060

In order to keep your internet connection intact, you have to fix the socket error. First, you have to verify the destination network IP address. Make sure that it is correct. You can increase the connection threshold by accessing the Global settings and Connection option. After that, navigate to the Site settings in the opposite data connection type. 

It seems that you are accessing the local server directly; rename the resolution. In addition to that, make sure that the network IP address is correct. Ask your ISP whether they are providing new network IP addresses. If they are, then request them to replace it; otherwise, the existing one can become obsolete. 

Resolve Connect Error 10060 with SFTP

Hopefully, you know the causes. So, let’s get along with the solutions. To correct the wrong FTP host and its port, check the DNS connectivity of the file transfer protocol. Open the Command Prompt and type “dig”. Furthermore, you have to check the SFTP port with the help of “telnet 22”. 

If the issue is related to the local firewall and security application, then you have to check the ping. If the time span of each incoming ping is less than 1 microsecond, then your network is facing ping loss. When the network connection is OK, use the ping command once again to check the connection between the client and the FTP server. Lastly, you can allow the SFTP traffic through the system and security application firewall. 

Issues with the data connection type also take place. You must know that FTP has two modes – Active and Passive. By default, most FTP uses the passive mode. When the SFTP connect error 10060 takes place, you may have to change the FTP client. For example, let’s say you can use Filezilla and activate the FTP mode. 

Take Care of the TCP Error 10060

Mostly, the TCP connect error 10060 happens due to DNS issues, and hopefully, you already know about that. If you have any blocked port from the local server, the TCP error may occur. In such cases, check the log that is affecting the network IP address and its port number. Lastly, verify the primary server along with the additional web servers. 

Fix the connect error 10060 with Microsoft Outlook

The solution to this problem is easy. Download the latest version of your system OS. Reboot your system to save the changes. In addition to that, verify the email client settings with the help of Outlook admin privileges. You can temporarily disable the firewall of your system software as well as the security application. Hopefully, this will work. Lastly, check whether you are using any proxy extension in your web browser. If it is so, then disable it for some time. 

Make the SMTP Receive Messages

When the SMTP connect error 10060 takes place, your system is unable to receive any messages. Just like the previous point, you can try disabling the installed proxy and security application. In addition to that, open the Command Prompt and type the following command.


The above command is for 64 bit operating systems. In case you use 32-bit os, then type the following command. 

“HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Mail Enable\Mail Enable\Connectors\SMTP]


Now, restart the SMTP services from the Service Manager to make necessary changes.