Ever since the release of Android the world got stuck into their devices and gadgets. Now we have a very bad habit. Everywhere we go, we look for WiFi connections. All these connections that we connect to are password protected. So whenever we connect to wifi, our device saves the password we enter to access the WiFi. But in some cases, the WiFi does not work properly so in that case you need to forget the network connection. So, How to Find WiFi Password on Android Without Root?

Now once you forget the network connection all the saved passwords related to that network will be deleted and you will need to type in the password again. But in most of the cases, the user forgets the password. 

Now, this can be a bad situation. But do not worry as every WiFi password can be recovered from your device. And this is what this topic is all about. 

So today on this topic I will be discussing how to find WiFi password on Android without Root. Though you can still carry out this procedure by rooting your phone. 

I chose to discuss the without root procedure as it is not possible to have root access to your device all the time. 

Method 1: WiFi key recovery without root- Using Wireless Router IP

You can say this as the easiest and quick method to recover your forgotten wifi password. So in order to carry out this procedure follow the below-mentioned steps. 

First, you need to open your wireless router and then go to the admin panel

After you go to the admin panel, it will ask you for a username and password. Generally, both the username and password are “admin”. This is applicable to most of the wireless routers. 

Now go to the settings page of your router and choose the Wireless option.

In that section opt for the Wireless Security option. 

So you are now done here. Now you can see the saved password for the WiFi network that you wanted.

Quite a simple job right?

Method 2:Wifi key recovery without root- using ADB drivers on a personal computer

This is the next effective method to recover your lost WiFi key without rooting your phone. Just like the other method this one also is simple, quick, and easy for anyone. But there is only one point that I want to mention here in the earlier stages is that in order to carry out this step you need to become a developer. 

If you are not a developer then this method of recovery can be a little bit complex to you. 

So if you want to recover your WiFi key by using ADB drivers on your personal computer then follow the below steps you will be good to go. 

Go to the settings section of your phone.

In that section, you will find an option saying “About Phone”. 

From there choose the build number option.  Tap that option five to six times until your phone sends you a notification saying “you are now a developer”.

Next, you need to debug the USB. so again in the settings section and look for developers’ options.

From there you will find a USB debugging or Android debugging option. Click on that option. 

So we are all done with the mobile settings. Now let us move to the installation part of the ADB driver. Again follow the steps to carry out this procedure. 

On your personal computer download and install the ADB drivers. Not only that you need to download and install platform tools too. 

After you are done with all the download and installation procedures go to the folder that contains that file. 

Now hold the shift key and right-click on the folder. In the opened window click on the option saying “Open command window here”. 

Before you start using the ADB driver you need to check whether the driver is working properly or not. So in order to test the ADB driver, you need to connect your device to a personal computer. 

Now go to the command prompt and type ‘ADB services’ and hit the enter button. 

If you see a device listed on the screen then you are sure that your ADB driver is working properly and you are good to go. 

Again in the command prompt simply write the command ‘adb pull/data/misc/wifi/wpa_suppliant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf.’

This command will take the files from your computer and send them to the Local Disk C of your computer. 

The last thing you need to do is open the notepad and there you will find all your saved passwords of different IPs. 

It is that simple. 

In the End

All I want to say is that it is not at all necessary to root your phone every time you face some problem with your phone. That is why today in this above article I have mentioned two effective ways to recover the wifi key without rooting. 

I hope that today’s article will help a lot of people who were looking for these kinds of articles about How to Find WiFi Password on Android Without Root on the internet. So if you have forgotten your password then do not worry and recover all of your saved passwords by using the above-mentioned methods.