PlayStation holds a very important position in the world of gaming. With a high-performance operating system and high-end graphics card, PlayStation produces the best gaming experience.

PlayStation 4 is the most advanced and newest member of the PlayStation family. You can say it is the most capable one too. From playing high graphics games to streaming 4k quality videos, PS4 can do it all.

But just like other gaming consoles PlayStation is also an electronic device. And you also know that if you are using electronic devices then at some point after a continuous use you are bound to face some problems.

In case of PlayStation 4, the most common problems are either the controller won’t charge or it won’t connect to the console. But these are very nominal problems and can be easily fixed.

That is why today I took the responsibility to show you what to do if you face these two problems. But before that allow me to give a brief introduction about PS4 for those who have no idea about what a PlayStation is and how and for what it works.

PlayStation 4- Next Generation Gaming Experience

PlayStation 4 or also known as PS4 is an eighth-generation home video gaming console. Developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment, PlayStation 4 was first introduced in the year 2014 all over the world.

A PS4 has a CPU specification of semi-custom 8-core AMD x86-64 Jaguar 1.6 Hz CPU. the console possesses a memory capacity of 8GB GDDR5 and 256 MB DDR3 RAM which makes it super fast in nature. 

The PlayStation 4 includes an internal hard drive with a storage capacity of 500GB or 1TB or 2TB depending upon which are you buying.

All this is more than enough to give you the best gaming experience ever. And I think you are already impressed with this product by reading it’ specifications.

So, now that you know what a PlayStation 4 is and what are its capabilities, let us discuss our main focus of this article that the two most common questions that people often ask that is how to charge PS4 controller and how to charge PS4 controller without a charger. 

In the next section, you will find the solution to both of these questions. So just follow the steps.

PlayStation 4 controller won’t charge

Just like every other portable device the controller of a PS4 is also run on battery power. And any battery-powered device you use needs to be charged every once in a while.

For charging the controllers of the PS4 console, the manufacturer provides a feet-long USB charging cable. But here the problem comes, that is sometimes the charging cable won’t work properly.

That means you cannot recharge your controller. And if you are unable to recharge your controller then you can use it to play games. So this issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

Follow the below steps if you are facing this same kind of issue.

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Fix 1: Reset your PlayStation 4 controller 

This is the most common fix and the most effective one. Sometimes the problem lies in the controller and not in the USB cable. So before freaking out reset your controller first and see if that solution is working or not.

Resetting a PS4 is a very easy process.

Find the reset button on your controller. You will see a very small button on the backside of your controller placed under the L2 button.

Get a toothpick or a pin and press the button. In order to reset the controller press the button and hold it for a few seconds and then release it.

Your controller will restart automatically and after you are done with your resetting process try to charge the controller again.

Fix 2: Charge your PS4 controller upside down

Yes, you heard me right!

This actually works. If you don’t believe then ask any PS4 user and you will get the same answer.

I know this sounds a bit odd and strange but trust me and try charging your controller upside down with your PS4 controller charger cord.

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Fix 3: Check the charging cable or the USB cable

You should consider this solution as the first solution you should opt for when you are facing a charging problem. Most of the time in these types of cases the PS4 controller charger cord is the main culprit.

To check whether there is a problem with your USB cable follow the following steps.

Charge your controller with another USB cable. As the controller has a type B charging port, therefore, most of the USB charging cables will be compatible with your controller.

Check simultaneously with both the controllers 

If anything is not working and you have successfully identified that the problem is with the USB cable then just buy an official PS4 USB cable for controllers from the official website of PlayStation.

Fix 4: Check the charging port of your PS4 controller

Just like the charging cable, the problem can lie in the charging port of the controller of your PS4. So if you observe that there is no problem with your controller and with the USB cable then you can give a check to the charging port embedded in your controller.

In this scenario you can do is, if one of your controllers is not charging and another one is all good. Charge both the controllers with the same USB cable. If one is charging and another one is not then you are confirmed that there is a problem with your controller charging port.

Therefore there is no option left other than to completely change the controller and replace it with a new one.

Fix 5: Replace the batteries of the affected controller

If you have tried all the fixes mentioned above and still facing the same problem then the last thing you can do is you can change the batteries of the controller itself. You can consider this as the last solution to fix this problem.

This happens when you are using your controller for a long period of time. The fact is that even rechargeable batteries have a limited lifespan. So try to replace the old batteries with a set of new PS4 batteries.

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Controller not connecting

This is another major and one of the most common problems faced by the users of PlayStation 4. So if you were facing the same problem and looking for a solution then I can proudly say that you have come to the right place.

There are several reasons because of which this problem can happen. Like sometimes the controller fails to sync with the main console. The connection between the controller and console is done by a normal Bluetooth connection.

Now if you are using that particular controller to control many other devices like PC, smartphone or tablet then before connecting it to the console you should always check that the controller is not connected to any other devices.

In the below section I am mentioning the solution to these problems in some points. Just follow these points to get your problem of connection right away.

Step 1:

The basic way to avoid this problem is to connect your DualShock 4 controller to the PS4 using the USB cable.

Step 2:

In the controller, you will find a button having a PlayStation logo. Press that button for some time and the controller will automatically resync with the console.

If these two steps do not give you any solution and you are still unable to connect the controller with the console then try the below steps.

  • Completely shut down your PlayStation 4 console. 
  • Connect the DualShock 4 controller to the console with a USB cable 
  • Then press the PlayStation button for some time and the controller will resync with the console at the time of startup. 

Still, nothing is happening?

Try another method. Follow the bulletins to entirely reset your controller.

  • In the controller, you will find a small button or a tiny hole located next to the L2 button.
  • Press that button with the help of a toothpick or a pin for some time and then release it.
  • Now connect the controller to the console with a USB cord.
  • After connecting press the PlayStation button to resync again. 

In the End

So now you can see that the problem that you are facing with your PS4 that is the controller not charging or not connecting with the console are very common problems. And then there are so many solutions to these two problems. 

Therefore I recommend you to completely follow the above steps in case of such problems.