If you are movies or games lover and want to have the best surrounding sound experience while watching movies or playing games, then you need to build a high-performance surround sound system. But what does it take to build such kind of system. For this purpose, you need to go through this article. In this blog, we have provided you best ever tips for building an optimal surround sound system. After going through this article, you can quite easily install your system at your home on your own. Let’s have a look at these valuable tips.

Proper placement of the speakers

An excellent surround sound setup all depends upon the placement of the speakers. Normally, people follow 5.1 or 7.1 set up. The 5 or 7 represents the number of surrounding speakers and the “1” represents a subwoofer. In the five channel system, three speakers would be at the front facing the audience while other would be at the back end. on other hand, in the seven channel system, two side speakers are also added in the system.

You can have an immersive listening experience under these set ups. However, if you want to move one step ahead, then you can also include overhead speakers for a genuine 3d listening experience. However, either two or four overhead speakers could be the best case scenario.

Selection of Right Speakers

The sound performance wholly depends upon the quality of the speakers. That’s why you need to invest in high-end speakers which gives you top-notch audio. First of all, you must choose the speaker which fits in your space. Standing loud speakers are also good as they provide an elegant and theatrical display with a high-fidelity sound performance. These are highly recommended for home cinema.

If you want less obtrusive audio setup, then you can choose either a bookshelf speakers or satellite speakers as these can be easily mounted on your walls or ceilings. If you want to have some hidden surround system, then in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are also available in the market which are barely noticeable except little bit traces of sound panel. This kind of speakers are usually called architectural speakers. Lastly, if you are on budget, then you don’t need to go anywhere and choose from the best surround sound systems under 500$.

If your system support Dolby Atmos?

You can feel the best immersive experience with Dolby atmos as it is an object-based audio format in which sound is not just restricted to channels it naturally flows throughout the system. Thus, if you want to have a Dolby atmos in your standard 5.1 or 7.1 surround system, then you need to reconfigure your set up with overhead speakers. Moreover, you would also need to have a special surround sound processor for transmitting Atmos to your speaker system because the standard surround sound processor is not compatible with Atmos. Otherwise, you cannot fully experience a 3d listening experience. It would be the whole newer kind of set up with right speakers and processor for the system.

Optimizing the surround system

The final tip is how to utilize or optimize this set up for getting maximum enjoyment. If you know how to use the system, then you can choose movies and TV shows which are compatible with surround sound format to extract maximum enjoyment from your speakers.

If you have a Dolby Atmos surround sound system, then you must purchase Blu-ray discs or video games which are compatible with Atmos. Similarly, if you are streaming movies or shows on Netflix, then first you must check the surrounding sound format of the film before clicking the play button.