It seems that your Android mobile phone is troubling you. So, what is the resolving process? The factory reset, right? Yes, it is the only procedure that sorts most of the issues in your Android phone. However, all the data present in your phone will get deleted automatically. 

So, you have to do something that can save data. A proper backup of the data will save them even if they get deleted due to the factory reset. Therefore, knowing how to back up an Android phone is important. You need to learn a few methods to finish the task successfully. 

What do you need at first?

There are basically two main aspects that you have to check: One is having an active Gmail account and the other is the updated PlayStore. Without these two items, you might be unable to complete the process. Further, there is a high chance that you can have similar issues in the future. 

Backing up your Mobile Data 

There are several procedures that you can perform to backup the data. Well, every process is important as there might be data from different file formats. Let’s not wait and get straight into the main task: 

1.Utilize the Google Cloud 

Google Cloud means Google Drive. After creating Gmail, Google provides 5 GB of free storage in the drive. After that, you upgrade it. So, you can get all the data by connecting the device to your computer. Create a folder to copy all the files in your PC. After that get on to the drive and upload the folder. 

2.Backup all the Messages

You can backup all the messages directly to your sim card. Several Android devices have this facility. On the other hand, you can also backup it to your Gmail account. Furthermore, there are some third-party applications that will help you to backup your messages. This is one of the ways that will explain how to backup an Android phone. After the factory reset, you can restore them. 

3.Automatic and Manual Backup

Your phone’s Settings will help you to take a backup automatically. In the “System” section, access the backup and set it to Automatic mode. After that, select the apps from where the data will be backed up automatically. If you are eager to back it up manually, then the manual mode will help you to do so. 

4.Backup Application Data 

Yes, the application data is also important. It is not always possible to remember all the IDs and passwords of every application. That is why you can use the software. Select an application that will help you to back up every application data. In a systematic way, your desired application will backup all the app data and store them somewhere safe in their server. After the factory reset is over, you can re-download them, and restore the data back to your android phone. 

5.Pile up all the Contacts 

Google has its dedicated application to manage all the contacts. On the android phone, you have to get it from PlayStore. The app is user-friendly and has the ability to sync, as well as backup all the contacts for you. In addition to that, you can also copy the main backup file to your system. It is a safe procedure of how to backup an Android phone. 

Customized Backup Methods 

There are basically two types of Android OS available: One is the stock android and the other is the customized android. Have you ever thought about how to back up an Android phone in a customized way? Yes, the backup methods of the customized android OS differ from its actual mechanism created by the developers. 

Let’s take Samsung Galaxy smartphones for example. It has an application that will do all the backup processes for you. After downloading the application, you have to establish the connection and sync the device. It also has the Samsung cloud facility, so you can upload the backup files directly through the app.

Taking Necessary Precautions 

Backing up your android phone is important due to some obvious reasons. All of a sudden, data loss stands to be one of the most talked-about problems. Other than that, if you somehow lose your phone, then the backup file will play one of the most crucial roles in getting all the data back. According to the expert’s recommendations, taking a little bit of care can make your device last long. 

Furthermore, you also have to keep watch about the malware and virus attack in your device. Optionally, you can keep an antivirus to eliminate them at any cost. Cleaning the cache or junk files will speed up the mobile phone. 

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The place where you have kept the backed up data can somehow become vulnerable. That is why you need to take some security measures to get rid of the unauthorized intruder access. As Google Drive is the primary option for storing the backup files, make sure that your Gmail ID and Password are strong enough to deliver the ultimate security. On the other hand, never open that account on someone else’s computer. This can increase the risk of backed up data loss. So, by now you know the importance and how to backup Android phone.