From dancing to singing to decorating your home cooking or fitness, there’s something for all users on TikTok. The social media platform is growing in popularity at a crazy rate, and you might not even have downloaded it as of yet. However, since it is the top downloaded app of 2020, there’s no reason to wonder why users are saying it’s addictive.

When it comes to the process of working with TikTok influencers, it’s a bit nebulous in the event that the platform is unfamiliar to you. However, some brands who are taking the plunge have seen amazing outcomes.

What is the reason it works?

There are two major reasons as to why TikTok is now a popular location for influencer marketing. The first is the diversity of content that is available has resulted in the formation of different communities through the application. This means that regardless of what your preferences are as an individual or what your product’s needs are as a company – there’s a place there on TikTok to satisfy your needs.

Additionally, the algorithm that displays for you pages is so well customized to each user which means that you will see videos appear on your screen that you are most likely to want to watch. What’s unique from other platforms is that any video could be displayed on your page on behalf of you regardless of whether you’re a member or not.

Top TikTokers

There are many influencers on this platform typically, they began as the Instagram-based influencers at first, but then gained followers on TikTok in the process. However, many of the stars who are primarily popular via the app have gained popularity later on other channels , such as Instagram and YouTube as well.

The most popular TikTokers come in a myriad of categories, each with its own unique contents. Let’s take an in-depth look at these famous people and find out what makes their content interesting.

  1. Charli D’amelio

This 16-year-old from Connecticut has seen her followers grow rapidly after a viral video of her participating in the dance contest. With more than 100M followers in less than a year Charli’s social media has taken her in completely different directions. Her content is a hit among a younger group of fans, and usually involves participating in dance challenges that incorporate different songs and effects.

  1. Addison Rae

With 78 million followers Addison Rae falls in second position. Being a former dancer and cheerleader at High School, it’s not a surprise that she’s gained a lot of attention with her dance-themed videos, too. Addison has built up a huge following on Instagram also, and has become increasingly an Instagram influencer and has recently directed her content to other areas than dancing.

  1. Bella Poarch

Bella is among the most recent TikTokers who gained a lot of attention following a video featuring a special effect that became viral. Her content is a bit different, with her fans enjoying her lip-syncing videos most. She is also gaining popularity among gamers on the platform as well.

  1. Zach King

Zach has been making videos for a long time creating new types of content as well as video-editing capabilities on YouTube. He started to build an enormous following on Vine and then moved to YouTube before moving to TikTok as well. In addition to participating in the latest trends, he enjoys creating content that incorporates the latest tricks, magic and pranks using his editing skills.

The next most closely followed TikTokers after them are:

  1. Spencer X
  2. Loren Gray
  3. TikTok
  4. Dixie D’amelio
  5. Will Smith
  6. Michael Le

Branded opportunities

In the past year or so, a lot of brands have turned to TikTok to promote their marketing strategies. And with this kind of success, other brands have subsequently been following. It takes only just a handful of people to make the first leap however, it has certainly resulted in a positive return. Let’s look at some of the companies that have collaborated in conjunction with TikTok influencers on campaigns recently.

The most famous TikTokers and KOLs have been able to establish numerous partnerships with brands as well as with some of the largest brands as well. Since the platform permits videos to be shared by any user, regardless of whether they are a follower and not., it may have a higher likelihood of exposure for brands to groups that are not yet on the platform.

Bigger doesn’t mean better

While we’ve talked about the most popular TikTokers however, that doesn’t mean to suggest that brands should be seeking to collaborate with the most influential influencers with a huge following. There have been plenty of the most prominent influencers and brands to test influencer marketing using this platform. However, since TikTok has grown in popularity with wider users, there’s been a greater number of brands that have made use of the app, too.

Similar to any social media platform the most important thing is to make sure you’re working with influencers who align well with your company’s image. It is important to ensure that you locate social media influencers who share characteristics and interests that are similar to the interests of your group of customers. It isn’t enough to rely on TikTok videos appearing on any home page since this is only an added bonus. The video will be visible to the followers of the influencer.

Following on their account is not nearly as significant as the engagement levels of their accounts, which permits us to determine the level of interaction they’ve with their followers. This is based on their interest in the content.

Heepsy allows you to analyze the engagement rate of an influencer’s profile, and compare it with the typical for influencers of this type. We’d say this is among the most crucial things to look at before choosing influencers to use. But, it is also important to examine the demographics of your audience and their interests, as mentioned above.