If you’re on the market for a new home, you’ll need all the help you can get. Demand far outstrips supply in many of the hottest markets, while unprecedented bidding wars are driving prices up to eye-watering new highs.

This has all served to make moving into a new house – already ranked as one of the most stressful life events that any person will ever go through – all the more stressful. If you’re on the market and looking for an extra helping hand, these free tech solutions are available to make your move smoother, quicker, and cheaper.


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One of the most time-consuming aspects of buying a home is getting your mortgage. You will need to forensically examine your finances and prove to a provider that you are a trustworthy candidate for a home loan. You can save a lot of time and stress by using a free mortgage adviser service like Trussle, which offers online mortgage matching and pre-approval so that you can find the right lender for your needs in the shortest possible timeframe. They also match people with the cheapest mortgages available to them, so that their dream home does not need to break the bank.


If you are earlier in your homebuying journey, you might still be saving for your downpayment. This is no easy feat, considering that the average downpayment for a home in the US is now hovering at around $28,000, according to Patch. If you need a little automated assistance in your saving quest, consider downloading the Mint app. This saving app has dedicated features for prospective home buyers and allows you to automatically allocate a percentage of your income to your down payment fund, helping you reach your goals faster.


Perhaps you’re about to move into your home, and you are still stuck in your current rental lease. If you would rather not pay for two homes at once, you can use the Flip tenant finder platform. This free solution helps you find suitable tenants for a home you are planning on leaving quickly. It also has a feature that loops your landlord into the conversation, and it can perform soft credit checks on tenants on your behalf. Nifty.

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We all know moving is incredibly stressful. If you need to take a load off, the Moved app is your all-in-one resource for moving assistance. This app offers concierge services that match you with a personal assistant that will take care of the most stressful parts of moving on your behalf. The best part? Some of these services are offered 100% free of charge.


Maybe moving day is approaching, and you realize that you have not managed to find a competent, cost-effective removal service in time. This would be understandable, especially since demand for such services has skyrocketed recently, leading to major backlogs in some areas. There are even apps for this as Bellhop is known as an “Uber for movers” essentially. You can quickly find a moving service or vehicle in your area and even schedule same-day transport, with the option to pay via PayPal.

Moving sucks, but these tech solutions will take the sting out a little bit and get you into your dream home quicker.