Just like other industries, real estate has to keep up with current trends, and this includes technology. Making sure that your business strategy is modern and includes as much tech as possible. After all, the future is technology, and the ever-changing industry means that customers now expect for businesses to have access to tech. However, while this is true, many real estate clients have been blown away to learn of the new ways that real estate and property investment companies are utilising tech and showing off their properties. It’s refreshing to see companies staying on-trend and ensuring that their customers have access to the latest tech available.

Are you interested in finding out how the real estate industry is using tech to modernise their business strategies and gain more customer loyalty as well as increase their sales? We have a quick guide to the latest tech pieces that real estate and property investment companies have found useful.


Drone Footage

Drones have been used for a variety of reasons throughout their time in the spotlight. However, real estate companies have been using them recently for showing their clients property highlights from a different perspective. A great way to use drones is showing an angle that the typical person couldn’t reach (such as high up in the sky). Therefore, clients can see the property when it’s being constructed. This is especially helpful for clients who have purchased an off-plan property who want to see their building and unit take shape over a period of months.


Plus, drone footage is often used by property investment consultants to showcase a certain city to an investor before they invest and choose a unit for themselves. Drone footage can help to sell a city or property to an investor since it becomes more personal for them. RWinvest is just one property investment company from the UK who are utilising drone footage and showing investors their purchases. They even upload some drone footage to their YouTube channel for anyone who wants to see the progress of their developments.


Virtual Reality (VR)

Once considered a gaming gimmick, VR has since become extremely useful for a range of industries. Real estate companies and property investment agents often use VR to showcase off-plan properties to investors.

Off-plan properties are those which are yet to be built (or are in the process of being built). It can be difficult for investors to visualise a property through images and flat floor plans. Instead, VR and computer-generated images (CGI’s) are useful because they show the property as it will look once built. CGI’s are generated by designers and architects as a basis of what the property or building will look like. Designers can even create images of the inside of the property too. Investors can practically see their unit before the first brick has been laid down for its construction. Not only does this benefit the sales rate for real estate companies who are trying to sell off-plan properties, but it also gives any investors confidence in their purchase before they exchange on the deal.


Property investment is a huge commitment for anyone, but having these simple technology pieces can really make a world of difference for any investor and company using them. The industry will continue to change and evolve, which is exciting for those who are looking at a career in the sector or looking at becoming a property investor.