There are many parental control and spouse surveillance apps but when it comes to delivering the perfect combination of price, performance, and reliability, there are few that can compete with mSpy. It’s not just your average spy app but a complete monitoring solution that enables parents, partners, and employers to keep an eye on all the digital activities allowing them to gather accurate information.

For parents, it provides peace of mind and for spouses, it delivers the information they need to decide about their future. For many, the question is how does mSpy work? Let’s delve into the details of how this leading monitoring solution works.

How mSpy Works on iOS Devices

For iOS devices, mSpy doesn’t need you to jailbreak the iPhone or iPad. You don’t even need physical possession of the device since iOS devices back up all the phone data on the iCloud. This means if you have the target phone’s iCloud credentials, that’s all you need to make mSpy work. No installation is required on any phone since the app creates a backdoor to the cloud using the credentials.

You are provided with credentials to a remote web portal so you can track someone’s location by phone number and other digital activities happening on the target phone. Just use a browser through any device at any time anywhere.

How does mSpy Work on Android Devices

For Android devices like Samsung Galaxy, the process is a bit different. Although you don’t really need to root the device, you will need physical possession of the phone for at least a few minutes. You can do so while they are asleep. The app doesn’t take long to install and you will be done within 5 minutes. It is barely 2 MB in size so doesn’t leave any footprint behind nor there is an icon on the screen to raise any suspicions.

Once again, you are given credentials to your own web portal which you can access on any device you want through a web browser. This means that your phone doesn’t have any app and you can monitor activity from anywhere you want whenever you have time.

How Does mSpy Handle Data Privacy?

One of the main concerns that many people have is when a third-party app is helping them access their partner’s or children’s data, isn’t it possible that the developers of the app will have access to it as well? The answer is no. They don’t.

What really happens is that all the data that is collected from the target phone is encrypted before being delivered to the web platform where you can monitor it. That’s where the information gets decrypted so you can view it as it is. If anyone intercepts data, they are not going to be able to access the real information, even the developer. Moreover, the credentials of the portal are generated in a manner that only you’ve access to them and nobody else.

Final Word

The mSpy monitoring solution is created by an experienced team of developers who understand and empathize with the perspective of a concerned parent, a worried spouse, or a proactive employer. They all need to get the right information but they need to do so in a safe, secure, reliable, and affordable manner. That’s exactly how mSpy works – in a secure and reliable manner respecting your and your loved one’s personal information.