CBD, a short name for cannabidiol, is a compound related to the cannabis plant that has started to gain a lot of fame as a method of treating several physical and mental conditions. Inflammation, pain, anxiety and sleeping disorders are among the conditions that can be dealt with with this specific compound.

However, a lot of people don’t what this compound is. Even more, people don’t know that you can use cannabidiol to treat dogs, which can be of great help for pet owners. Still, some pet owners might be reluctant to rely on CBD-based products because of the little information people know about them.

With that said, in this article, we will discuss how CBD works, why it is relatively safe for both humans and pets, and how CBD oil is among the best dog products you can purchase for senior dogs.

Why People Might Rely on CBD Oil

As a dog owner, you have to understand that dogs, as they grow old, become very prompt to suffering from certain diseases and conditions.

A very common problem with senior dogs, for example, is suffering from joint pain caused by inflammation due to old age, and the strain suffered from both muscles and bones. This is even more common in large breeds, and it can greatly reduce their mobility.

Other problems include things like kidney problems that can lead to a lot of pain, cancer, and even severe inflammatory diseases like arthritis. This, of course, is commonly dealt with using more traditional drugs, like pain killers and anti-inflammatories.


However, these drugs are known for causing a lot of side effects. Liver damage, depression, lack of appetite, and even anxiety, are some of the results of taking these drugs for long periods. There’s also the fact that drugs are relatively expensive and hard to obtain.

CBD-based products like cannabidiol oil are far less harmful in comparison since they don’t cause as much damage to the liver, and side effects are pretty much harmless, only causing problems with digestion, vomiting, and diarrhea in some extreme cases. These side effects can be easily avoided by properly managing the dose consumed by the dog, though!

Despite that, it is not like all cannabidiol medications are perfect. There’s much to learn about it, and although they have been described as pretty safe by testimonials and research, it is recommended to not consume it while the dog (or person) is consuming another medication, without performing adequate research.

The benefits, like the ones stated over here, often motivate people to try it out regardless of this. Even more, considering its incredible level of accessibility, since it has become legalized in most countries all around the world, included all around the U.S.

But how does it work?

Understanding CBD and THC

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, CBD is a compound that is found in the cannabis plant chemical structure, along with another compound known as THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol.

Both compounds are capable of providing the same results when it comes to health benefits, but THC is known for being a psychoactive compound. It is what causes marijuana and cannabis-derived products to get people high! That is why cannabis is not such a good choice to treat animals, just because of the way they act in the body.

You see, both CBD and THC target a compound of neurotransmitters located in several areas of our body known as the endocannabinoid system. These neurotransmitters are capable of influencing many physiological capabilities and functions of the body, altering the way our five senses work, as well as the way our body reacts to pain and inflammation.

The problem is that THC targets the endocannabinoid system in a way that can greatly influence our senses, even affecting our stability and memory. This a really big problem for animals because they have a much stronger and sensitive endocannabinoid system, so THC can affect them in a harmful way. But cannabidiol is different!

Why Cannabidiol is Safe for Animals

You see, cannabidiol is related to the cannabis plant, that is true, but most products derived from this compound are actually created using a different source: the hemp plant. This plant is well known for containing really low levels of THC, only containing up to 0.05% of its chemical product.

Thus, most CBD-based products only contain around 0.03% to 0.05% of THC, making this compound pretty much inexistent. That s the reason why pets, especially dogs, can rely on cannabidiol as an alternative form of medication.

If you are interested in knowing more about its safety, you should check https://www.cnet.com/health/is-cbd-safe-for-pets/ for more detailed information.

Cannabidiol Oil and Treats

Cannabidiol oil is probably the most commonly used CBD medication out there, just because of how inexpensive it is, how durable, and how it can be easily managed with a dropper. This is very important, considering that finding the right dose depends entirely on the dog, its size, and its weight. That is why you should always start with small doses and go up if the results are not the ones you expected, and this can be easily done with oil and a dropper.

Still, you also have the option of using CBD dog treats. They are more straightforward, since dogs tend to love treats, and they can definitely get the job done.  They tend to be more expensive, though, so you might want to have both options and save the treats for special occasions!