With over a million users every day, YouTube is the second largest search engine offering a potential platform for people to make money online. No wonder marketers are continually looking for marketing strategies to help their video content get the most out of the platform. The right YouTube hacks can make a significant difference by optimizing your time and marketing efforts. 

 Read this article to understand how you can start your own YouTube channel and share your talents in front of a global audience.

Here is a list of ideas and techniques that let you enhance your popularity on YouTube:

1. Develop a  Brand  

The very first thing you need to consider and work on is your YouTube channel’s branding. If your goal is more visibility and online awareness, you need to make sure that your branding is cohesive and concise. 

Now, what is branding? It is merely the presence and impact your video content makes when a  user comes in contact with it. It allows users and subscribers to quickly identify you from the crowd without second-guessing themselves. One of the effective ways of branding is creating a logo for your channel. You can also try color psychology. With this,  users can recognize your channel through colors. 

2. Keywords are Key

Just like any other search engine, like Google,  YouTube has a search algorithm to rank content. Thus, you need to get the algorithm’s attention. Do this by using keywords. 

Keywords are crucial to gain recognition on YouTube.  Use keywords that are popular and relevant for your industry or domain. You can also opt for trending ones, rendering more exposure for your video content. An excellent application of keywords can place your content on the top of the rankings. Use Google to search for keywords to use in your video descriptions.

3. Be Creative with the Thumbnail

 A good YouTube video starts with the thumbnail. It is an image that describes your video.  If there is an amazing, to the point thumbnail for your video, it is likely that your video will get more views. You can even go with creative and customized thumbnails for your videos. This can simulate a sense of curiosity in the readers’ minds and they might click on your video. 

4. Compelling Intro and Outro

This YouTube hack is an easy yet the critical one when it comes to getting viewership and subscribers. The ideal recipe for success is to remain true to the audience’s expectations.   Create user-friendly videos that have a distinct beginning and end. This is where the intro and outro become necessary.

 An attractive and concise intro and outro ensure that the audience sees what they are going to view and the whole purpose of the video. With an intro maker, you can incorporate trending design elements that meet users’ expectations and add a professional touch to your content. 

5.Promote Video Shares

One thing that is so fascinating about online content is sharing.  Customers always want to enrich the lives of those around them. If your video is valuable and entertaining, they love to promote it within their network.

Thus, take an initiative to communicate with your viewers. Ask them to share your videos with his/her friends and family.. Make sure that the viewers feel sharing your videos will benefit them rather than you.  This enhances conversions. It also lets you connect to your community. 

6. Include Links that Appear  at Specific Times

 It is essential that people engage with your content. Therefore, try including links in the video at specific intervals so that the user can go to another video or your channel. 

If you are collaborating with any popular brands, you can use their product or service link in your videos, and it will increase the popularity of your YouTube channel. Links in the videos also let you avoid putting too much information in a single video. You can even add an auto-subscribe link to encourage subscriptions.

7. Social engagement Is a Must

This is the most critical task in the whole process. You should share your video on social media with a relevant call to action. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. can drive remarkable traffic to your channel.

 Giveaways are an emerging trend for many YouTubers.  They attract more people to your videos and channels. Giveaways encourage the crowd to promote your channel and gain more visibility. 


YouTube is a great marketing platform. You don’t need a huge investment or great technical support to start making videos. You can create a video with only a   cellphone and a YouTube outro maker. However, it is not easy to make it popular. Thus, use these hacks to create a successful marketing strategy for your YouTube videos.