Google Play is introducing its new version for Apple with some awesome features. So, today we will discuss the core of this matter.

Google recently announced its new feature with the send money option through Google Pay. Now you can send money to your friends through your Google Pay account.

Basically, Google has combined both the Pay and the Google Pay Sends apps to make it more convenient for the users. So get ready to request and send money through Google Pay app just like you do in Apple pay, Venmo, and Zelle.

In case you are purchasing something, it is the best option for you to split the bill. You just have to tap the bill in order to make it request for money from up to 5 people.

Google Pay App – A Combination Of Google Pay Send And Google Pay

Google has always been at the top for bringing out such amazing features for its users. Undoubtedly, you can enjoy the benefits of the updated technology through the latest features.

Google is finally integrating its peer-to-peer Google Pay Send service into its Google Pay App. It made the Google Pay app the only platform in order to ask and send money.

There are many more features that have come up with the Google Pay App. Mobile ticketing for movies travel, and concerts have become easy with this new app.

Google Pay App

Google Pay App Brings Access To Download Tickets And Boarding Passes On Your Smartphone

Based on some notes of the Apple Wallet, Google Pay app will now let you save boarding passes and tickets on your Android phone.

Until now, it was only supporting Ticketmaster and Southwest. In the similar fashion, Singapore Airlines, Eventbrite, and Vueling are also going to be added to the list soon. You can save them in the passes tab of your Google Pay app.

On the other hand, you will also be able to receive loyalty cards, gift cards, and other similar offers. As soon as you save the tickets, they will be visible to you with your loyalty or gift cards. When the time of your flight or event arrives, you just have to show it through your smartphone.

Operate Google Pay App On Your Desktop Now

Google Pay will now sync to the users’ Google Account in order to provide updated payment information about the account and cards in a quick manner.

Fortunately, you can also access Google Pay app from your desktop by browsing through You can easily switch between both the browser version and the app.

As you can now access Google Pay on your iOS or on your desktop, Google has made it easier with Instead of using both the apps, you can now request and send money through one single app.

Android Pay was the older version of Google Pay. Later in February, Google relaunched it as Apple Pay. The main motive behind launching Google Pay was to make online payment easier for the users.

So, users can make payment using their phones from their existing Google Account. Thankfully, Google has come up with a faster and simple checkout to more browsers, devices, and services.

Finally, it has introduced the latest Google Pay version that will let you do many more things than just making a payment. It has basically made the Google Pay Send App migrate to the Google Pay App.

Google Is Turning Out To Be A Tough Competitor To Apple

As soon as you tap on the recent purchase, you can set the system to ask for money from different people. By combining two of the apps together Google is preparing to compete with the other payment apps like Venmo, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

Google Pay vs apple pay

Simultaneously, it making things easier for you in order to keep your boarding passes and tickets on your phone. Similar to Apple Pay, you can now download and open your tickets and boarding pass through your Google Pay app.

The features are rolling out soon and will be available by the end of the next coming week.

The updated version is going to roll out first in the US and UK. At the beginning of this year, Google already combined both of its payment methods together in order to introduce Google Pay.

Basically, Google Pay can be called a combination of Android Pay and Google Wallet. And after that again this huge update is going to make Google Pay App much more powerful than before.

But as usual, this app is rolling out from the Google Headquarters. So you can expect this to reach you within a couple of weeks.

Wrapping Up

It is not possible to say how beneficial this app is going to the general public before it comes into existence.

But if we closely study all the Google updates, we can assume that this is going to be wise enough for its users. Let’s just hope for the best and look forward towards the future updates.

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