As the world moves, people move too. In the constant state of living, people hardly get time for themselves to relax. However, they do in various forms. Such as listening to music, or playing games or even reading a book. 

People having too much stress prefer watching movies or even Tv shows. But lately, the population watching something has shifted to animated movies and shows.

 Here’s why gogoanime has been profoundly rising in terms of anime, as the name itself suggests. Find out more below on gogoanime shut down!

Anime: Brief Introduction 

Before we begin, you may have an idea of what Anime is. If you don’t then keep reading. A Japanese origin, Anime is known to be a program that is made of stories by animating hand-drawn or digitally drawn characters. 

The reason why anime is so popular is that it narrates relatable and enjoyable stories, contents that kids, teens, children and even adults can relate to. The kind of stories and emotions you’ll find in anime is unlike any other type of movies or shows. 

It impacts on growing the imagination power of an individual through fictional stories or even real-based stories. These stories are unlike any other stories. And by the end of the day, it will make you ponder over it until you fall off to sleep. 

What Is GogoAnime? How Is It Related To Anime?

Now that you clearly have an idea of what Anime is, you can pretty much tell what Gogoanime has to do with it. It is an online platform where you can watch Anime series and movies without having to pay a dime. The site has many anime contents. Name one and you’ll find it on the website. 

However, you need to know one thing about the website. And that is the vulnerability of the system when you use the website. You have to be careful because when you use the website, it enters the system without your notice. As a result, ads flow into your system and show up on the screen each time you browse just like dust.                                  

GogoAnime Shut Down?

There’s been a recent discussion that gogoanime shut down or is gogoanime down?. The discussion started with one of the users posting a tweet on Twitter about the gogoanime website down.  Most users have been wondering if the act was permanent or not. However,  the website is back up online and running fine. 

It seems as though the website went on the low for a while for site maintenance. The website has so much content and millions of o fusers keep visiting the website. It is needless to say the website may crash and be taken down for a certain period of time. 

How Safe Is Gogoanime Website?

As of now, Gogoanime has become popular among the young generation. Thus, the site gets many visits per day because of the huge amount of anime series it provides. Hence, the newbies using Gogoanime have one question: Is gogoanime safe? Well, the question has two answers in two terms. 

If you’re talking about the content of the website, then yes Gogoanime is safe. The series and shows on the website are meant for everyone without a parental advisory. However, be aware that the site may sometimes show ads that might have adult content. You may be taken to an adult website if you click on it. 

And not just adult sites, but these ads may even take you to websites that are fake. The problem is the fake websites look so real that it becomes difficult to differentiate. 

It is advisable that you stick to the Gogoanime website and avoid clicking on any ads. 

Features Of Gogoanime Website!

If you want to know about the features of the Gogoanime website, then go through this section:

  1. The site has categorized the series and movies into genres to make it easier for you to search for what you want. Such as horror, fantasy, kids, mystery, romance, adventure, comedy, games, music, etc. 
  2. As you know Anime has series that are ongoing. Whenever the official episode of any series is aired, the site updates the series. This is made so that you don’t have to skip any episode. 
  3. Since Anime is of Japanese origin, all the shows and series have Japanese dubbing. Most of the users may find it difficult to watch. For this reason, the contents have their own subtitles based on many languages. They also have dubbed series and movies in other languages.  
  4. The site also provides help to users, so if you are having difficulties, you can reach out to the support team of Gogoanime through the website itself. 
  5. The site also has categories for the ones that are newly released, watch list and schedule list. This is to help you put the series or movies in the playlist provided by the website so that you can watch it anytime without having to search each time. 
  6. You’d be asked for a small amount fee if you are willing to download content from the website. 

Is Gogoanime Legal?

Gogonaime has been providing content for a long time and users have been using the site. But the question has all of these users have is that whether the website is legal or not. Well, the website is legal but the contents streaming is illegal. So you won’t face any issues. It’s the owner of the website who will face the issue provided if the contents are copied. 

If you’re worried, then you don’t need to be because you can watch content from the website freely. 

Gogoanime Keeps Updating

Like previously mentioned, The anime website Gogoanime keeps updating the mainstream series that is ongoing till the current date. It updates the series each time an episode is aired. 

Some of the most popular series are:

“Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, Guilty Crown, Dragon Ball Super, Cowboy Bebop, Angel Beats, etc”

Additionally, these series teach you life-long lessons that are relatable. Such as motivation, hard work, relationships, and unity. 

Gogoanime: Review [Has Not Been Shut Down]

Without reviews, almost nothing can gain popularity. Based on the reviews of Gogoanime, here’s what you can get out of it. In comparison with other content streaming websites, gogoanime comes without any charge. You can watch anything n without having to pay a dime.

Even though the website gets a million visits per day, it still runs smoothly and fast. However, technical issues are minor and remain. But then which website does not have technical issues?

Leaving the good features apart, the website has one drawback and you can already guess what it is. The website shows multiple ads when you are trying to watch something. These ads are the most annoying aspect of the website. 

Apart from that, everything else seems perfectly fine with the website. The contents are for everyone without a parental advisory. 

Gogoanime Application 

The application Gogoanime is always advisable to use instead of other websites. This is because, on the website, you’d get a lot of ads that put your system in risk. The application for Gogoanime is available in Microsoft Store, Play Store as well as Apple Store. 

The interface of the application is just like another content streaming application. But more simple and categorized so that using becomes easier for you. 

The series, as well as the movies, are not generalized in one pile. But you’d find them in their own categories based on genres and much more. And you can also put one of the series in a “Watch Later” playlist so that you can watch it anytime you want instead of manually looking for it. 


Now that you know about Gogoanime and what it has to offer, start watching great anime right away!

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Why is Gogoanime app not loading?

Go to Apps->Goanime->Apps and check whether or not notifications are enabled. 
Please allow it if it is not enabled.

Is watching Gogoanime illegal?

No, the Gogoanime website is totally unlawful because in the country they are prohibitedThese websites are classified as pirated and have all their material in pirated formats. The Gogoanime website is unlawful and hazardous, not to be used for downloading.

Which Gogoanime site is the real 2021?

The only official website is