There’s no doubt that the popular game Football has millions of fans all around the world. With such a huge fan base the betting activities are also at their peak in this field. Today the online betting industry is bigger than some social media giants.

People prefer to bet online than on the ground because of the added benefits it has to offer. It’s secure, helps to avoid violence and cheating and lets you connect to the football bookmakers from around the globe.

A report highlighted that in 2015 Americans spent a massive amount of $93 billion on Football betting. The worth of the online betting industry reached $40 billion in 2019. So if you also want to become the shining star of this incredibly growing industry then this article is especially for you.

We have created a comprehensive guide for amateur punters to become the maestros of the betting world. Learn profitable techniques and effective ways to handle online football betting like a pro.

Preface Of How Betting Works:

There are basically three different methods to express the football odds. The bookmakers in the UK usually use fractions, Europe, North America, and related regions use the decimal method whereas US sports use Moneyline terminologies. But many bookmakers allow various ways to express the scores.

The bookmaker sets the odds and uses the ratio to show the stake and winning on the given outcomes. These outcomes are written either in decimal format or fraction format and you can decide to choose whichever you understand the best.

The outcome of a match anticipated as odds of 2/1 or 2.00 means you can get £2 for every £1 you will bet.

Common Football Betting Markets:

  • Handicap:

A Handicap bet is offered when one team is an extreme favorite among the audience. The famous team will give an advantage to the underdog. This levels the competition between stronger and weaker teams. The underdog gets a head start in terms of the goal.

  • Win/Draw/Win:

This means you will bet on the football fixture outcomes. The first is for a home team win, then a draw and then comes an away victory. It’s the easiest and the most used among the betters. If you can ace this then you can handle the other types without a problem.

  • Double Chance:

This lets you bet on a winning team or drawing a fixture. This gives two chances to win the game but the odds are a bit lower than the win/draw/win market.

Bonuses That Comes With Online Football Betting:

The Football Bookmakers plan numerous incentives for their bettors. These offers and promotions are one of the reasons that make online betting a more popular trend.

VIP Clubs:

Who does not like to be treated in an extraordinary manner? VIP Clubs allow its members who gamble regularly to avail themselves of amazing bonuses and privileges. A certain down payment is submitted for its membership.

Boosted Offers:

These are offered by the bookmakers from time to time for both new and existing customers. It can be about winning an entire tournament or a single game or championship. They are fun and common as well.

Welcome Bonus:

These are incredible as you feel welcomed and confident to make your first bet. To check any site’s credibility this can be your key point to check whether they abide by what they boast about through their welcome bonuses.

Different Bet Types:

Now comes the part where you would be faced with the phase to choose between the type of bets you want to place. For that, you can either go for single bets or more than four selections.

Single Bets:

It’s a common practice adopted by many beginners and even experts as well. This allows you to place a single bet at the Football Bookmaker of your choice.

Multiple Selections:

Multiple Selections football betting

But when you aim to score big and win even bigger than the accumulator options look more pleasing and interesting. An accumulator allows you to bet that it contains more than four selections. These winnings can be doubled by calling the promotions and special offers offered on accumulator bets.

All these bets are placed at the same bookmaker so there’s a chance that you might not get the best odds on all selections.

Live Football Betting Through Mobile Apps:

Live in-Play betting is possible through numerous sport betting mobile apps. The live markets for gambling allow you to bet from any corner of the world. Making you have a better stand and stance over your betting capabilities.

Digital advancements are the sole reason for the ever-increasing popularity of the betting world. The user-friendly mobile apps and websites allow a great gambling experience.

Find The Best Football Betting Sites:

The internet is full of betting sites but finding a reliable platform is very important. To analyze their credibility look for the following points of strengths.

  • Look for the licensed website. Registered ones have better authorities working on them with fewer chances of fraud.
  • They must offer a variety of betting odds and bets because if they do not have the ones you are an expert at then it’s of no use for you.
  • Bonuses and rewards are something most gamblers enter the field. Your opted website must be offering good bonuses and regular rewards as it will keep you motivated and engaged.
  • Find the sites that allow easy withdrawal and payment options by accepting popular payment options like Skrill, PayPal, or Master visa cards.

Skrill Betting Sites:

If you want to make your betting journey more secure, use the betting sites that accept skrill instead of using your debit cards because Skrill allows you to make payments without getting your personal information in danger and also offers numerous betting incentives, cryptocurrency deals, and much more.

The major Skrill betting sites include: Coral, 888Sport, William Hill, Paddy Power, and BetFred.