The Xfinity remote may fail to change the TV channels for several reasons. A faulty remote control can prevent you from accessing your favourite channels. Users can experience this problem due to connectivity issues. Ensure the remote is compatible with the TV box to change the channels without restrictions. 

Moreover, damaged remote batteries can trigger this problem in Xfinity TVs. You must check whether there are any signs of damage on the remote. Did you accidentally spill water on this device? Then, the chances are high that the liquid has damaged its circuit. This is the primary reason you face difficulties changing the channels. 

Besides, dust or dirt accumulates inside the Xfinity remote over time. This dust buildup can generate issues in the internal parts and block you from changing channels. You can also encounter this error for using a malfunctioned remote. Thus, check the remote condition and replace it to resolve the Xfinity remote won’t change channels. 

What Causes the Xfinity Remote won’t Change Channels Error?

This connectivity issue may occur if you haven’t pointed the remote directly to the TV’s front panel. Don’t place the remote far from the Xfinity TV when changing the channels. Moreover, ensure there are no obstructions between the TV and remote. If you have placed electronic devices between these devices, remove them to fix the Xfinity remote won’t change channels

Moreover, improper Xfinity TV setup can cause issues while changing the channels. Did the remote’s buttons get stuck? Then, you can’t access the TV channels. The channels won’t appear on the TV screen for setting the Smart TV’s mode to “AV”. Thus, check the user manual and change the TV mode to overcome this Xfinity remote error.

Troubleshooting Tips for Xfinity Remote won’t Change Channels

Identifying the cause of this Xfinity TV remote error is pretty easy. However, you may sometimes face issues in acknowledging the root source of the problem. Don’t contact a TV repair expert in such circumstances. 

Follow these solutions to fix the  Xfinity remote won’t change channels in minutes:

1. Replace the Faulty Remote Batteries

If the Xfinity remote is unresponsive, there is a high chance that the batteries are dead. But, how can you determine if this error occurs for damaged remote batteries? Press any button on the Xfinity remote and check if the red LED flashed. If the red LED is not blinking, the batteries are damaged and need replacement. 

Did the Xfinity remote’s red LED blink five times? It indicates the remote is working fine, but the batteries are about to fail. Consider changing these faulty batteries at the earliest possible to fix the issue. 

Follow these steps to replace the Xfinity remote control batteries:

  • Slide the remote’s back cover to open the battery compartment cover.
  • Remove the old Xfinity remote batteries.
  • Check the battery slots “-” (negative) and “+” (positive) sides before installing the batteries.
  • Insert two new AA batteries and close the compartment cover.

Turn on the Xfinity TV and check if you can change the channels after replacing the batteries. If the error persists, then you might have installed incompatible batteries. Remove them and insert the batteries that work with the Xfinity remote. 

2. Check the Xfinity Remote and TV box’s connection

Users can’t change the channels if the Xfinity remote isn’t connected to the set-top box. Did you reset the Smart TV recently? Then, the remote might have automatically disconnected from the TV box. You need to reconnect these two devices to resolve the  Xfinity remote won’t change channels issue. 

Here is how you can pair the Xfinity Flex or X1 TV box to the remote:

  • Turn on the Smart TV first and then locate the remote’s voice command button.
  • Press and hold the voice command key while saying “Program Remote”.
  • Go through the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

How to Pair the Xfinity remote to the TV box with a Setup button? 

The steps to pair the Xfinity remote to the TV box may vary from one model to another. Does the TV support XR11, XR5 or XR2 remote? Then, turn on the TV and TV box and select the TV input mode. Press the remote’s “Setup” button until the LED blinks green. 

Hold the TV remote’s “Xfinity” button until the LED flashes green. You may need to press the “Xfinity” button five times when connecting the XR2 or XR5 remote to the TV box. Then, enter the three-digit on-screen pairing code. Press the Xfinity remote’s “OK” button to complete the process. 

How to Pair the Xfinity remote to the TV without a Setup button?

Xfinity’s XR15 remote doesn’t have a setup button, but you can still pair it with a TV box. However, first, ensure the batteries are installed on the voice remote. Turn on the Smart TV and the set-top box by pressing the “Power” button. Set the TV input mode and hold the remote’s “Xfinity” and “Info” buttons together for five seconds. 

The XR15’s “Voice Remote” light will blink red a few times. If it turns green, the TV and the set-top box are ready to pair. Complete the pairing by entering the three-digit code when prompted. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the Xfinity TV’s volume and input control

3. Factory Reset the Xfinity Remote 

Resetting the Xfinity remote will resolve this connectivity problem instantly. If the voice remote doesn’t have a setup button, press the “A” and “D” keys simultaneously. Release these buttons when the status light turns green from red. 

Then, press “9-8-1”, and the remote’s LED will blink blue three times. This indicates that you have successfully reset the Xfinity remote. Turn on the Smart TV and change the channels without further interruption.

Lastly, Reset the Xfinity TV Box…

If the above solutions did not work for Xfinity remote won’t change channels, consider resetting the set-top box. Turn on the device and simultaneously press the remote’s “Power” and “Menu” buttons. Release these keys at least 2-3 minutes later and hold the “Up” and “Down” keys together. 

Select “Restore Defaults” when the pop-up window appears on the Xfinity screen. Press “Ok” to complete the TV box resetting process. Restart the Smart TV and access the channels without connectivity issues.