Microsoft Surface Pro 4 screen flicker is one of the most annoying problems that you can face while working on your tablet. Most of the Surface Pro 4 users have reported about the issue in the Microsoft official forum. The issue has been taking place frequently for a long period of time. As per the analysis, nearly 1,600 devices are facing this issue. 

What can be the reasons behind it? This question has been in the minds of many users, and they are like hardware issues, unexpected heating up and others. A few users have tried to keep the device in the freezer and it really worked. The screen flickering is not there anymore. But, it is not possible to do this all the time. 

If the situation is critical, you have to take the assistance of Microsoft experts. Before that, it is better to try some effective troubleshooting procedures. Study them carefully so that it might help you to resolve the issue. 

  1. Check for Hardware Issues

    The first step towards the troubleshooting of the hardware is checking all the attached cables. Make sure that the cables are working properly or not. If any cables are broken, torn or turn out to be faulty, then the Surface Pro 4 screen flickers. If there are any loose connections, unplug the cable and replug it once again. 

  2. Resolve Software Problems

    The built-in applications and the drivers play one of the major key roles in a device’s function. In the case of software problems, its dedicated hardware cannot function properly. Updating every application in the device is hectic as well as time-consuming. 

    The best way to resolve software issues is via Windows Update. After downloading the update successfully, reboot the device to install the updates. Once done, try to keep the device on and play a video file. Now, check whether the Surface Pro 4 screen flicker is taking place or not. 

  3. Make Changes in the Screen Refresh Rate

    You can make the necessary changes in the screen refresh rate with the help of Display Settings. This might reduce the chances of Surface Pro 4 screen flicker. Close all the running programs, make a blank right-click on the desktop screen. Select the Display Settings and navigate through the Advanced Display Settings. After entering the Display Properties, reduce the refresh rate to 60 Hz. 

  4. Remove Malware

    If your device is highly infected by any malware, then it affects the software and also the hardware. Therefore, purchasing an anti-virus and scanning the device will remove any type of malware. Some antivirus software also has the capability to repair infected files and make them malware-free. 

The User’s Point of View

As per the users, the Surface Pro 4 has not performed as promised by Microsoft, and the result is the Surface Pro 4 screen flicker issue. Furthermore, some even reported that there are also electrical issues. Furthermore, due to this issue, the sales of this product have declined a lot. 

Microsoft’s Approach 

The tech giant has requested all the affected users to contact them using their helpline. The support page of Microsoft contains all the information regarding the repair or replacement of the device. Thus, sooner or later definitely there will be confirmed information regarding the Surface Pro 4 screen flicker issue. 

Microsoft actually gathered all the complaints from the customers. After that, they have analyzed the issue. As per the information given on the support website, the issue might not be resolved by just updating the software or any other type of troubleshooting process. 

Therefore, the screen replacements will be done by the tech giant itself. All the customers who are facing the issue with their Surface device are requested to ship the device to the company. Microsoft will take at least 5 to 8 business days to analyze and resolve the issue. 

The Final Decision 

Microsoft has finally decided to replace the screen for free. Somehow, this might not be the ultimate solution to stop future flickering issues. But, the new device might not make the users suffer a lot for the time being. 

The executives, as per orders, deny that a particular issue took place in the device. Later on, after a good conversation with the owner, they finally approved the fact and took the necessary steps. Hopefully, Microsoft will never do this kind of thing. 

Take Good Care of your Tablet 

To avoid any type of risk you must use the device carefully. Not only the Surface Pro 4 but also every electronic tablet is manufactured through delicate precision. Any external force can easily damage the service of the device. Thus, the external hardware component errors can take place that is enough to make the device malfunction. 

The display is one of the most important and also expensive parts of the tablet. So, you must keep in mind that no external physical force comes in contact with it. On the other hand, when you use other tablet accessories, make sure that they are of the same brand. Using any other brand accessories can lead the system to accessories incompatibility.

If any friend of yours sends you a link to any website, study it carefully. If you see a normal site with a domain name, then it’s absolutely fine. In case of the presence of too many alphanumeric characters, then the website is not at all safe. So, you must avoid opening it at any cost.