Street Fighter 5 is the latest instalment in the Street Fighter game series. As per reviews, it can offer you a better experience than earlier instalments. However, it also seems to have some significant flaws. And that includes the inability to launch the game, which a lot of players have reported that street fighter 5 not launching. 

Are you unable to play Street Fighter 5 on your PC? Then, you must know that you do not need any expert assistance to fix this issue in most cases. So, you must try out some fixes for the Street Fighter 5 not launching issue. 

Here, we will take a look at some of the effective ones among them that are worth trying. 

6 Ways to Resolve Street Fighter 5 Not Launching 

Since there are multiple possible causes of this problem, there are as many solutions. And, the best way to fix the issue is by trying out all these solutions. But, you must ensure that your device fulfils the system requirements for Street Fighter 5 first. If it does not, then you need to get a computer that can run it. 

Here are simple yet effective fixes for Street Fighter 5 not working on your PC: 

Reboot Your PC

Your PC might come across temporary errors while trying to launch Street Fighter 5. And, you might need to restart it in such situations to get an effective solution. Especially so, if your device repeatedly fails to launch the game. Simply turn it off for a minute or perform a restart, whichever you prefer. This should refresh all the processes and remove any temporary errors. As a result, you might find the Street Fighter 5 not launching issue resolved. 

But, you must note that this method cannot always provide a long-term solution. You might have to apply the more advanced solutions given below. 

Turn Off the Third-Party Antivirus

Are you using a third-party antivirus program to protect your PC? Then, Street Fighter 5 not launching might have something to do with that. Your antivirus software might often identify harmless game files as threats and block them. And, your device might fail to launch the game without access to these files. Open your antivirus app and check whether it has blacklisted Street Fighter 5 files. 

Removing the blocked file from the blacklist is often enough to fix the problem. But, that may not always offer you a long-term solution. So, you must disable the program and then try to launch the game on your PC. If the problem keeps showing up, the built-in anti-malware in your Windows system might be the culprit. 

Create an Exclusion on Windows Defender

The Windows Defender is the in-built antivirus program on your Windows system. It is available on all the recent Windows versions that are currently in use. This program can block any program that it identifies as a threat to your PC. And, it is mostly quite useful in protecting your PC. But, many users have reported this program as the cause of Street Fighter 5 not launching.

You can fix the issue in such cases by excluding Street Fighter 5 from the Defender feature. Navigate to the Update & Security settings on your PC to do that. Go to the Windows Defender section and select ‘Virus & threat protection’. Then, click on ‘Manage settings’ on the new window and opt for adding or removing extensions. Add Street Fighter 5 there and then try to launch the game. 

Toggle Off the Real-Time Protection

The real-time protection feature might also cause the Street Fighter 5 not launching issue. In case you are wondering, this feature is a part of the Windows Security on your PC. You must note that you cannot disable it forever on your device. It will auto-restart after a fixed time once you disable it. 

Go to the Windows Security feature and click on ‘Manage settings’ as mentioned previously. Find the ‘Real-time protection’ on the window that opens and check whether it is enabled. Disable it and try to launch Street Fighter 5 once you are done. 

Close Other Processes 

Are you running other processes on your PC while trying to launch Street Fighter 5? If yes, then that might explain the problem you are facing. The other programs running on your device might often take up too many CPU resources. And, that can cause Street Fighter 5 not launching on your computer. 

So, you must try closing some background processes if the previously-mentioned fixes were ineffective. Go to the Task Manager through the Start menu and check the processes running there. Close as many of them as possible by right-clicking them and opting for ending the task. The more processes you shut down, the more CPU resources you free up for Street Fighter 5. 

Repair Damaged Street Fighter 5 Files

Have you got Street Fighter 5 on your device through Steam? Then, you can use the app to verify the integrity of the game files. After all, Street Fighter 5 not launching on your device might indicate corrupt game data. Open Steam on your device and go to the Library. Right-click on Street Fighter 5 and open its Properties. Go to the Local Files tab and click on “Verify Integrity Of Game Files”. 

Wait while Steam scans the files to find any corruption. This might take some time but can offer you an effective solution. Once it detects corrupt files, Steam will repair them right away in a short time. Then, you can hopefully launch the game on your PC without any issues. Also, make sure that Steam has administrator rights on your device. 

Update Your System and Drivers

Are you unable to fix the Street Fighter 5 not launching with the aforementioned fixes? Then, you must make sure that your system and its drivers are up-to-date. So, get the latest system and driver versions for your device as soon as possible. If the issue persists, you might have to reinstall Street Fighter 5.