Nowadays, professional online meetings and personal video calls have increased the craze of using tablets. Acer Iconia is one such tablet that comes in handy for personal and professional use. With a bright display and decent battery life, it has gained much popularity amongst tablet users. But, common problems in electronic equipment are inevitable. Acer Iconia is not an exception. When the tablet is not powering up, you might think, “My Acer Iconia tablet won’t turn on. So, what to do now?”

Of course, there are several causes behind the issue. If the tablet has no power in its cell, obviously, it will not turn on. In addition to that, issues with the power cell, dust and debris, issues within the RAM can also lead to this issue. So, you have to deal with the issue in order to bring the tablet back to its previous working condition. 

Backup your Data

No matter what troubleshooting process you opt for, you may have to reset your Acer tablet. If this happens, you will lose all of your personal data. So, always backup your data at regular intervals. In addition to that, bring out the memory card. This will prevent the external storage device from being damaged or data loss. 

4 Effective Troubleshooting Methods

Here are some of the best and effective troubleshooting processes. Go through them, and surely you will be able to resolve the situation when “My Acer Iconia tablet won’t turn on”. So, let’s begin. 

Method 1: Check the Power Cell

Most recent tablets have the built-in cell. So, it is not possible to replace the cell all by yourself. In order to check whether the cell is working correctly or not, press and hold the power button. Before that, connect the charger to the tablet. If the tablet boots up, then the tablet might be in sleep mode. If the tablet still doesn’t turn on, you might have to replace the power cell with a new one. Here, an expert’s help is mandatory.

Method 2: Force Restart the Tablet

To fix the situation when My Acer Iconia tablet won’t turn on, removing the battery and force restart is a good idea. It seems that your tablet has a removable battery. Remove the cell, SIM and external storage card from the device. Keep the tablet idle for a few minutes. Re-insert the battery, SIM and external storage card. Press and hold the power button. Hopefully, the tablet will boot up. 

Method 3: Fix the issue with the Power Adapter 

If the tablet’s power adapter is faulty, then the device won’t charge. That is why you’re thinking of “My Acer Iconia tablet won’t turn on”. In such a scenario, observe the power cord physically. If you see any wear and tear, never try to mend it all by yourself by applying any cello tape. Replace it with an original Acer Iconia tablet power cord as soon as possible. Re-charge the tablet for an hour, and hopefully, it will turn on.

Method 4: Factory Reset Acer Iconia Tablet

Resetting the device might help you to fix the situation when My Acer Iconia tablet won’t turn on. The tablet is already off, so press and hold the power button and +volume key simultaneously for a few seconds. The boot page will appear. You have to select the option on the boot page with the help of the power key. Scroll up and down with the help of volume + and – key. 

Select the SD Image Update Mode option. After that, once again, with the help of the power button, select the wipedata/factory reset option. Confirm by clicking on Yes, and it will delete all the data, logs and other information present in the internal storage. The tablet will restart by initiating the boot and application time. 

Did you install Windows on Acer Iconia?

The process of installing Windows on Android tablets is part of an experiment. This process is not approved either by Google or by Microsoft. Neither software giants have any type of collaboration that might help you to get the privilege of Windows on Android devices. If you have tried this experiment, then the “My Acer Iconia tablet won’t turn on” situation will arrive. Some system files may be missing or skipped out during the Windows installation. Try the process of reset. If this doesn’t work, then take the device to the Acer service centre. 

The Malware Effect

Dangerous malware is looming all over the internet, ready to invade your tablet. When my Acer Iconia tablet won’t turn on, it seems that this is a malware effect. So, first, you have to reset the device. After that, don’t insert the external storage card into the tablet. With the help of a card reader, scan to detect any existing malware. Lastly, you can install any mobile version of anti-malware for safety.