The dynamic host configuration protocol generally administers the network and other IP addresses. The request goes straight to the network endpoints, and as a result, the address allocation occurs with proper configuration. When the configuration is improper, the MI router DHCP error takes place. Several Mi router users have reported the issue.

Before proceeding to the solutions, you must know the causes. The main reasons are improper configuration during the router setup, failed DHCP server, network connection failure, DHCP server packet delay and many more. 

Do you know how many configuration processes there are? You will come to know all the details later on. In addition to that, you will also get detailed information about the diagnosis of DHCP errors. 

DHCP Server Configuration, Types and their Details 

There are generally two types of DHCP server configurations – Central and local server-based. Let’s get along with them, in an elaborated way. 

Central Server-Based DHCP

This type of DHCP is solely based on the Enterprise network. The endpoint/client-server needs an IP address, and this IP address will broadcast the DHCP data packets. When the request is being generated, all the DHCP servers get those requests. This entire procedure needs to be well configured. In addition to that, the master DHCP server must be configured properly. If the configuration is correct, the server will handle all the requests and valid addresses. 

DHCP Server on a Local Network

Home and small office networks have this kind of DHCP server. This server is being frequently used by people whose mobile devices and laptops are connected. The mechanism goes like this – The main DHCP server manipulates the local network device. For example, the wireless router, modem, repeater and many more. When the enterprise network of the DHCP server fails, the server shifts its authentication to the local network. 

Diagnose and Resolve MI Router DHCP Error

Your first step to diagnosing the DHCP server is to check the network data on your system. Navigate to the Network settings and explore the Properties of IPv4. If all the information is correct, and you are still facing the error, then here are the solutions. 

Solution 1: Re-assign the Network Address

The Mi router DHCP error takes place when there is no specific IP address that you are not assigned. This results in DHCP server failure, unavailable addresses, network failure and other complications. So, in order to re-assign the network address, you need to check if any device’s network is affected by the wrong subnet. 

After that, check the DHCP server’s address pool and verify whether the existing network IP address is still available or not. In addition to that, with the help of the Command Prompt. Make sure that no loss of data packets are taking place. If this happens, call the ISP to check the entire network as soon as possible. 

Solution 2: Retrieve the Connectivity

The network addresses are assigned, but there is no connectivity. This can be one of the primary causes of MI router DHCP error. So, first, you have to check regarding the network IP address conflict. Detect both the IP addresses and find out the MAC address. After that, you can make all the necessary changes. MI routers are good. If you have a good network

 Management system, you will be able to do it easily. 

Solution 3: Resolve Issues with the Extender 

It seems that you are using an extender with the MI router. So, in case the extender is facing issues, then the MI router DHCP error can occur. The first step is to restart the extender. If the issue still persists, then reset the device. After that, follow the same re-configuration process that you have followed while configuring the extender for the very first time. Surely, this will work. 

Solution 4: Update the Router Firmware

The latest firmware update will be helpful for you to resolve the MI router DHCP error. If the firmware becomes outdated, several complications might occur, and the DHCP error can be one of them. Check the MI router’s official support page. Download the package file. 

Open the Router management page and upload the file by extracting it. After that, restart the router to save the changes. The error message will not appear on the screen when the device is ready and connected to all the wireless devices. 

Resetting the Router, Necessary or not?

If one of the previous methods works, then there is no need to reset the device. Otherwise, there aren’t any options available. Plug out the Ethernet cable, press and hold the Reset button for 8 to 10 seconds. The device will reboot itself. After that, re-configure the router with all the correct network credentials.