Malware can enter your computer at any time, and thus the installation of anti-malware is important. Malwarebytes is the best way to counter dangerous malware. But, things can go critically wrong when Malwarebytes has stopped working Windows 10

Whenever you try to scan your system or any external storage device, a window suddenly appears, “Malwarebytes Anti-malware has stopped working”. Underneath the message, you will also get two additional messages – One is for checking the issue online, and the other is to close the program. 

Possible Causes behind the Issue

Outdated Windows 10, cache and residual files, incomplete installation of Malwarebytes, and many more can be the possible causes. So, the best possible solutions are given in the next segment. 

Fix Malwarebytes has Stopped Working Windows 10

Malwarebytes in Windows 10 is easy to use. When it stops working, you will not be able to get protection against all the malware. In order to fix the issue, you have to go through all the solutions that are given below. All of them are worth trying:

Solution 1: Get the Latest Version of Malwarebytes

The outdated version of the application can lead to various issues with your system. One of them is that Malwarebytes has stopped working Windows 10. So, you must uninstall the previous outdated application. 

Malwarebytes has the option of updating automatically from the app’s UI. But, unfortunately, it is not possible because the app is not opening properly. So, navigate to the official website and get the latest setup file. After completing the installation process, the new version will overwrite the old version. 

Solution 2: Repair the Corrupted Malwarebytes

The idea of repairing the application is worth trying. First, you have to go to the Task Manager and close the app. After that, navigate to the Settings and find out the list of applications installed on your PC. Click on Malwarebytes, and surely the Repair button will appear. Hopefully, it will repair the application so that you can open it.

Solution 3: Turn Off the Antivirus Real-Time Protection

Anti-Malware and Antivirus applications are quite necessary for your system. When Malwarebytes has stopped working Windows 10, it is due to the presence of the other security application. The fact is that priority conflicts between both security applications. The best way to keep and maintain two security applications is to turn off the real-time protection. Hopefully, now you will be able to open the Malwarebytes. 

Solution 4: Clear the Residual Files

Too many cache/residual files on your system can easily restrict several applications from running. That is why Malwarebytes has stopped working Windows 10. In such a scenario, you have to access the temporary folder in the system drive, and Delete all the files from the folder. 

In addition to that, you can also get a good third-party application. This cleaning application will lean the residual files and create free space. Furthermore, it will delete malicious logs that might prevent the Malwarebytes from opening. 

What if the Malwarebytes Stops during Full System Scan?

It seems that with the help of one of the above methods, you have successfully retrieved the application. Let’s say you have started a full system scan. All of a sudden, the application stopped while the scanning was in the process. This can happen due to the OS glitch. Restart your system and start the process again. According to the experts, Malwarebytes has Stopped Working Windows 10 due to a corrupted HDD or SSD. 

How to Retrieve the Built-in Storage Device?

The internal HDD or SSD holds the OS and all the system data of installed applications. With proper research and analysis, find out the SSD or HDD manufacturer. Surely, there is an official tool. You can download it from the manufacturer’s website. Run all the desired tests dedicated to the HDD or SSD after installing the tool. Hopefully, all the bad/corrupted sectors will be recovered. Else, you may have to change it in order to keep the computer running. 


Always go for the Malwarebytes Premium version. The application will be able to detect and eliminate all malware. On the other hand, you will also get information related to upgrades, compared to the trial version.