As you know, all operating systems come with an inbuilt camera system that is known as webcams. In other words, it is also popularly known as FaceTime. It is an essential component of the system and it can be really annoying to have to not work at the time of need. 

Unfortunately, if you happen to be one of the people who’s been having issue s with the Mac camera system then you’ve landed in the right place. It is a common technical phenomenon that many users experience once in a lifetime. 

Likewise, the solutions are common and easy as well. Simply go through the rest of the contents below if the camera on mac not working!

Here’s What To Do If Mac’s System’s camera is Unable To Work!

In this section, you’ll find some relevant content of what you can do to fix issues with the built-in camera of Mac’s system. 

1. Check Camera Access Permission

Any application requires access to the use of the camera feature. So, if you are using a certain application to use the webcam then be sure that you’ve given access to it to use the camera. 

Also, make sure that at the time you re using an application to open the camera, some other application is not using the camera. Two applications cannot use the webcam at the same time. 

For example, if you are using Skype video calling, then you cannot simultaneously use Facetiming or any other application that requires you to launch the camera. 

2. Restart The System

As you know, one fo the simplest and the most effective solutions for any technical problem has been solved by restarting the system. So if there have been any changes made to the configuration to the system without your notice, restarting wills tart the system with its default settings. 

Simply, launch the “Apple Menu” from the Mac desktop screen. Then, go to the option called “Restart”. Click on it and then let the system shut down. Any process that has been draining the camera, will be ended. 

Now when the system restarts, you can start using the camera as no process is now using the camera. Try using an application to open the camera and see if it worked or not. 

3. System Management Controller Reset

Try resetting “System Management Controller” as it holds many functions of the hardware. Resetting will resolve underlying bugs that are coming in conflict with the Mac camera. 

Here’s what to do:

Go to the option called “Apple Menu”. Then from there, select the option called “Shut Down”. Then, make sure that the system is connected to the power adapter. 

Press the following three buttons together once the system has been shut down. 

“Shift”, “Control”, “Options key”.  

Then press the power button.

4. Quit FaceTime Forcefully

If the Mac camera is not working then here’ one more thing you can try doing. That is to quit Facetime forcefully. Heres’ what to do:

Simply go to the option called “Application” and then from there, go to the option called “Utilities”. After that, select the option called “Terminal”. Once you’re in the terminal window, type in the following command:

“Sudo killall VDCAssistant”

Now, click on the “Return” button. Then, type the password to enter into the device. Now open the webcam on the Mac device and check the camera is now working or not. 

5. Reset Skype (For Skype Camera)

If you’ve been trying to connect to another user and the camera is not working there, then the possibility lies with the application being faulty. If you do not have the latest version of Skype installed on the system, then now is the time to do so.

Or you can also try uninstalling and then re-installing Skype from Microsoft Store. If the problem persists yet after that, try re-launching the camera by restarting the system. 

6. Optimize The General Performance

Try using an application program called “CleanMyMac”. The application is built in such a way that it optimizes the performance of the system using various tools that clean up junk and uses files from the system. 

And not only that, but it also searches for malware and malicious files present in the system. It also ensures that the system is left with enough disk space by managing memory. Get the application from the internet. 

After you’ve boosted the scythe performance and cleared junk from the system, open the webcam and check if it is working or not. 

7. Update Firmware

So here’s another thing you can do if mac camera not working. As you know, Firmware is important to the system because it has the ability to instruct devices on how it shall be used. Even the camera works on firmware’s call. Even though it automatically updates whenever there is an update available, it is advisable that you do it manually too. 

Simply go to the web browser and get the application program called “iSight Updater”. 

Install it and start using it to update the firmware to its latest version. 

8. Check For Physical Damage 

Here’s one problem that may have gone unnoticed. If the camera has dealt with a great deal of physical damage, then that is a big reason why it is not working. It could be that the camera is broken then no matter what application you try opening it with, it does not. 

If that is the case then the only way to make it work would be by replacing it with a brand new one. Get a replacement done from any nearby Apple Store. 

9. Force-Quit Camera Application

If any camera-based application is giving trouble with opening the camera, then try force-closing it an then restart it. 

On the desktop, go to the icon of Apple at the top and click on it. Then, from there, select the option called “Force Quit Apps”. Now, in the following window, select the option called “Camera”. Then, finally, select the option called “Force Quit”. 

10. Reboot Mac OS ( Safe Mode)

Here’s one more thing you can try doing if none of the aforementioned solutions have been favorable to you. Try rebooting the system in safe mode. This would ensure that if there is an issue with the system, it will be resolved. 

 The first thing you need to do is, restart the system. When the startup screen appears, press and keep the shift button on hold. Release when you see the Apple logo. Now you’d be in Safe Mode. To know for sure that you are in Safe Mode do these:

Go to the section called “System Information”. From there, expand the option called “Software”. Now, in there, select the option called “Boot Mode”. Check if the status is kept as “Safe”. 


Refer to the comment section if there any further doubt.