Are you have issues with Xfinity remote not working? Or some buttons in the remote have stopped working? Then there is no need to worry! It is a common phenomenon to experience this once in a lifetime.

 If you happen to be one of those users who’ve been having trouble controlling the Xfinity remote, then you’re looking at just what you want. Information on what you can do to make it work. Hence, read the rest below on Xfinity voice remote not working and by the end of it, you should be good to go! 

Possible Reasons Why Xfinity Remote Is Not Working!

If you’re looking for a reason why the Xfinity xr15 remote not working, then here are a few things in the list to take a look at: 

  1. The remote is not connected to the device. Failure in setting up the device may be the reason why the remote is not connected to the TV. 
  2. Another reason that is underrated and that is the battery.  Remote runs on portable batteries that are recharged. It could be that the remote may have run out of charge. 
  3. The configurations of the device are not compatible with that of the remote. 
  4. If the remote dealt with a great deal of physical damage then it is most likely that it is broken and thus, not working. 

Now that you have an idea of why it is not working, you can get started with ho you can resolve it. 

Xfinity Remote Not Working: Do These Easy Methods!

Here are some possibly easy fixes if you’re unable to control the Xfinity remote. Try these below!

1. Reset The Xfinity Remote

It could be that configurations of the remote are not set right. Then for that, do the following steps below:


 Locate “Xfinity” and the “I” button on the remote and then press them together. As soon as you do, you’ll see a set of codes. Use this code that is mentioned on the remote and then enter it in the code section on the screen. 

To confirm the process, the TV will ask you to confirm it. Use the “Yes” button to confirm it. Go through the whole process of resetting. Once you’re done with that, try checking if it helped the remote to work or not. 


Go to the bottom of the remote and then use the “Setup” key. Simply press and hold it. Once that is done press these keys in the following order: 9,8,1. 

You can also try to reset the program in the following way:

First, press the “Setup” button and then prompt the “Help” box using the “A” button. 

2. Perform A Hard Reset On Xfinity Box

It could be that the problem is not exactly with the remote but the Xfinity box. Maybe there has been an underlying issue or misconfiguration that is clashing with that of the remote. In that case, what you can do is reset the Xfinity box from scratch one. 

Take the remote and locate the “Reset” button in it. Then, press and hold it for more than 4 minutes. Xfinity Box will be reset successfully. Then set up Xfinity. There’s one more way you can do to reset the Xfinity box. 

Get the application called “Xfinity My Account”. Download and install it. There should be an option to reset the Xfinity account. 

3. Use The Correct Box

It is needless to say that remotes are specific to boxes. That being said, if you have more than one Xfinity box then you may be trying to connect to the box that is not associated with the remote. 

Try using the remote on all those boxes you hold. One of them should connect unless the remote is broken. 

4. Check Basic Things

There are some basic things that are underrated but can go unnoticed due to how basic it is. So if the robot has been dealt with a great deal of damage then it will not work. The hardware components, upon having physical damage can stop functioning. In that case, you’d have to consider replacing it with a new one. 

Get in touch with the support team from its official website or email them straight away. Briefly explain the issue and request for a replacement.

Also, remotes do not work without batteries. These batteries soon run out of charge after being used for their course of time. It could be simply that batteries are out of charge. If they’re rechargeable then power them up. If they are non-rechargeable then get a pair of new ones and then use it on it.

By now, the remote should start to work fine. Press any button and check its functionality. 


Now that you have an idea of what you can do to resolve the issue with the Xfinity remote, get started immediately!