High-end HP printers have a touch screen panel, and it helps you access all the functions. Like all the other printers, sometimes you may find the HP printer touch screen not working. Quite an annoying issue. Some backup buttons may help you print in case of an emergency. But overall, you cannot use all the features of the device. 

The wrong internal configuration can mostly affect the HP printer touchscreen. Other than that, physical damage may be responsible. So, here are the best and effective solutions that will help you fix the touchscreen. If it is broken or damaged somehow, never try to repair it as you are not the expert. 

The Effective Solutions

Before heading towards the solutions, you have to turn on the printer. Make sure that it is in the ready state. In addition to that, check whether all the necessary cables are connected to your computer or not. The solutions are here as follows:

Solution 1: Restart the Printer

Power cycle or restart has been a problem-solving method for electronic devices. Thus, the printer is no exception. Disconnect all the connected cables from the printer to the computer. After that, unplug the printer power cable from the electrical socket. This is the force restart as the HP printer touch screen not working. Wait for some time and reconnect all the cables and the power cord. When the printer is ready, try to access the touch screen. 

Solution 2: Faulty Power Cord

Sometimes, the HP printer touch screen not working due to insufficient power supply to the device. This means that the power cord is having certain issues. Bring a new one and replace it. Make sure you get an original HP power cord that is compatible with the model of the printer that you are using. 

Solution 3: The New Printer Drivers

Outdated printer drivers installed on your system can lead to multiple issues. Maybe the HP printer touch screen not working due to this reason. No need to navigate to the Device Manager on your computer. The latest driver setup files are important, and you must keep a backup. 

So, navigate to the HP official website. Search and find the support section. Select Printer from the given categories, enter your device’s model number. The website will automatically detect the OS that you are using. One by one, download all the drivers. After that, install them on your computer. Restart to save the changes. This re-installation will overwrite the previous outdated driver files. 

Solution 4: Getting the New Firmware

The outdated firmware can also be the reason for the HP printer touch screen not working. More complications can also arise when the firmware is corrupted by viruses or malware. Like the previous solution, you will get the firmware package from the support section of the HP official website. Maybe it will be downloaded in zipped format. So, you have to extract the files and install them. Make sure while installation, the printer must be connected to the system. 

Solution 5: Test the Unresponsive Screen

It may happen that when the central area is unresponsive, the corners can be still intact. So, let’s test. Press and hold the hash and copy button on the keypad. In doing so, a dot will appear on the top-left corner of the screen. Now, release both keys. Tap on the dot and check whether the corner parts of the screen are responsive or not. If this works, then continue tapping on the dots at the several corner portions. If you finish the process without interruption, the touchscreen has an internal problem. 

The Expert’s Help: Is it Necessary?

When any of the above solutions don’t work, then obviously you have to opt for professional help. One main thing you have to know. After the detailed analysis by the experts, if the HP printer touch screen not working due to some physical damage, then the international warranty will be void. If it turns out to be a manufacturing defect, then the international warranty will remain intact. 

Taking Care of the Printer Touchscreen 

Printer screen guards are available. Grab one of them and apply it on the screen. It will protect the printer touch screen from dust and debris. Try to place the device in a safe place where there is less chance of getting damaged. When the printer is not in use, cover it up with a dust-proof cloth. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is the HP printer Control Panel?

The menu on the control panel is displayed. From the main menu, touch the control panel display to pick print, fax, copy, and scan options. To navigate the menus, swipe your finger over the screen.

How do I reset my HP printer without the screen?

1. By hitting the ‘Cancel’ button, you can wake up the printer from its sleep mode.
2. For seconds, press and hold the ‘Wireless’ and ‘Cancel’ buttons together.
3. That’s all there is to it; the network settings have been successfully reset.