An electronic docking station helps your laptop to connect to all the peripherals. The connection is possible with the usage of only one USB port where the docking station is connected. It seems that you are using an HP docking station. No matter which docking station you use, it is not free from issues. The most common one is the HP docking station not working properly. 

Of course, there are reasons behind the issues such as faulty docking station, laptop unable to recognize the docking station, flickering monitor screen, the docking station not recognizing the computer and many more. All the best possible solutions are given below. 

Eliminate HP Docking Station not Working

Before fixing the docking station, make sure that your system OS is updated to its latest version. In addition to that, always try to clear all the cache and residual files. This will help you in fixing the HP docking station. 

Method 1: Ensure the HP Dock Recognizes the PC

Your first task is to reset the docking station. Find out the power button. Press and hold it for 30 seconds. The computer might restart. When the boot and application time is over, hopefully, the dock can recognize your computer. 

In case issues are going on with the PC, it’s easy to resolve them. No matter what OS you use, there is a built-in troubleshooter. So, you have to utilize the feature. The troubleshooting process might take a few minutes. When done, detach and reconnect the docking station. 

Method 2: Get the Latest Version of the Graphics Driver

The graphics driver helps in supporting the video quality. In addition to that, it also helps in the compatibility of the peripheral devices. When your HP docking station not working, the graphics driver update is necessary. Navigate to the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start menu. Once again, right-click on the graphics driver and click on the “Update Driver Software”. 

Method 3: Charge the Docking Station 

Internal faults of the dock might lead to the situation where the HP docking station not working. So, on the very first step, check the cables. If there are any loose connections, tighten all the wired clips to the device. After that, check the power cord. If you witness any wear and tear, immediately replace it with a new one. 

Method 4: Clean the Dock Power Plug to the PC

Nowadays, most Docking stations come with USB ports. The ports might be 2.0 or 3.0. But, several HP docking stations might contain different types of connectors. It contains several holes for pins. So, it is obvious that there can be the existence of debris in the connector. Thus, the HP docking station not working. Pull out the connector and clean it properly. After that, reconnect it to the PC. 

Method 5: Make the USB Drivers Compatible

It seems that you are using an outdated system of HP. On the other hand, the HP docking station is the latest. So, the USB port and slot of both PC and dock are incompatible. Thus, the HP docking station not working. 

The solution is easy, navigate to the Device Manager and update the USB drivers. Restart the computer to save the changes. Re-insert the docking station into the PC. 

Are there any Updates in the Queue?

Windows, Macintosh, and Linux updates arrive at your system at regular intervals. After the release of the updates, you get a notification. Several tech experts say that it is better to download and install the updates 3 to 5 days after the notification arrives. This will help you in avoiding any bugs. When the HP docking station not working, surely there are updates that are pending. Complete download and install the updates. Hopefully, this will help to fix the issue. 

Faulty HP Docking Station, What to Do?

Manufacturing defects in the HP docking station are a very serious issue. On the other hand, a sudden halt in the working process of the docking station can happen any time and anywhere. It seems that you have tried all the above troubleshooting methods, but none of them worked. So, what now? There is one last solution left. Pack the device with all the necessary papers and accessories. And, take it to the authorized HP service centre. The professionals will first examine the device. After that, they will help you to fix all the issues related to the docking station.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I reset my HP docking station?

Make hard reset. To fully reset the computer, hard reset briefly disconnects the internal battery. Turn off the computer and unplug the power cord. For 15 seconds, press and hold the computer’s power button.

Why is my laptop not recognizing docking station?

If your docking station is not detected, you can try two-button reset by pressing and holding the power button on your device for 30 seconds, then pressing and holding the volume-up button and power simultaneously for at least 15 seconds after it shuts off.