At this point in time, people have advanced with maps. Instead of actual road maps, what you can use is Google Maps. No matter where you want to go or how much distance the desired location is, you’ll find everything on Google Maps. It’s built-in such a way that you can get the ease of access to whichever location you want to explore. 

However, a very difficult situation that people have been experiencing, is the fact that they’ve been stranded at times. Why? Because Google Maps refusing to work or google maps not working. Now, it can be hectic to be stranded in the middle of nowhere just because Google Maps betrays you or google maps not working in chrome.

Unfortunately, if you happen to be one of these people facing google maps voice navigation not working, then you’re in luck. Go through the rest of the contents below to get more information on why Google Maps stops working. And how you can fix it!

Mostly Seen Problems With Google Maps!

Google Maps does not work without GPS. So if there is some issue with the GPS, then be sure that Google maps will not work. But apart from that, here’s a list of issues that are related to Google Maps. 

  1. The most common problem that users face, is the application crashing during its use. The application closes immediately suddenly. And it continues to do so each time you launch Google Maps. 
  2. The second most common problem is a blank map. The whole terrain on the map shows nothing. 
  3. Google Maps responds very slowly upon launching it. 
  4. Lastly, you get incorrect information about the current location on the map. It shows you’re somewhere while you’re not there actually. 

By now you have an idea of what kind of problem you’re facing with Google Maps. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

Easy Solutions For Google Map Giving Trouble!

In here, you’ll find some relevant contents on solutions that you can apply to make Google Maps work if it isn’t: 

1. Reset the GPS System

There is a possibility that the GPS has kept the wrong information about a location which is why you’re getting inaccurate information about the location on Maps. No matter how many times you close and re-open the application, the previous location is stuck. In that case, it is advisable that you reset the GPS functions to default one. Here’s how to do that:

First, unlock the phone and then go to the “Google Play Store” application. Then search for an application that serves the purpose fo resetting the GPS system. Once you’re downloaded it open it and then go to “Menu”. From there, select the option called “Manage A-GPS state”. 

Then click on the button called “Reset”. Now open Google Maps and check if you’re facing any issues with it or not. 

2. Check Network Connection

When you’re using Google Maps, there’s one thing you need to ensure and that is the thorough connection of network connection. Google Maps does not work offline so when you’re using it, check if the network connection is providing good strength of signal or not.

If not, try resetting the network connection by disabling and then re-enabling the router. Check if now Google Maps is working or not. 

3. Flush Out Cache Of Google Maps

Cache if something that keeps getting accumulated after every use of any application. It may most likely be a reason why Google Maps is having difficulties. If that is the case, then, it is advisable that you flush out the cache that has been stored. Here’s how to do so:

Simply go to the “Settings’ of the phone. And then, from there, go to the option called “Application”. From there, go to the option called “Maps”. In the following settings for Maps, tap on the option called “Clear Cache” as well as the option called “Clear Data”. 

Now cache, as well as the data for Maps, will be flushed out. Once that is done, restart the device and then open Google Maps and then check if it’s giving you trouble or not. 

4. Update Google Maps To Its Latest Version

It is always advisable to keep Google Maps updated to its latest version. It could simply be that Google Maps is causing trouble just because it is of an old version. Getting the latest version would solve the issue as each update contains improved features and software bugs fixes. Here’s what to do:

From your phone, go to the application called “Play Store”. Then, on the left panel, click on the option called “My app & games”. Now, among the list of applications, go to the one called “Maps”. Click on it. Check if there is any update available for it. If there is, then click on the option called “Update”. 

Wait until the update is done. Then, open Google Maps and you should have no further issues with it. However, if it did not work, try some other alternatives. 

If it does not work, then consider updating the system as well. It could be that the system has old configurations that are having a mismatch issue with the application. So, in that case, look for any recent update available for the device. 

5. Google Play Services: Update It

As you know, Google Play Services is essential for any application or game launching. So, if in any case, it has not been updated, now is the time to do so. Additionally, it will resolve underlying issues with Google Maps. Here’s how you can do that:

Again, from your phone, go to the “Play Store” application. Then, search for “Google Play Services”. Click on the result. If there an update available for it, then click on the “Update” button to install it. 

Once the installation is done, exit the Play Store and then open Google Maps. At this point, the issue should be resolved. 

6. Google Maps: Calibrate It

In order to get accurate information on the location, you’d have to calibrate the application. Which can be done in the following way:

Launch the “Google Maps” application. Then open the location view panel in it. Tap on it and then go to the bottom. From there, select the option called “Calibrate Compass”. Upon doing so, the Android compass will calibrate. 

Follow the on-screen instruction on calibration then click on the button called “Done” once it is done. Now open Google Maps and check if the location accuracy has improved or not. 

7. Enable Location

Even though it is needless to say to turn on the location when you’re using Google Maps. But it is always good to cross-check if it’s enabled or not. It can be that the Location has been disabled automatically or mistakenly. 

For Android 

Scroll down the notification bar on the top of the screen and then check if the “GPS” or “Location” option is enabled or not. If it isn’t then simply tap on it. 

Also, make sure that Google Maps has access to use Phone’s location. Go to “Setting” and then tap on “Applications”. From there, click on “Maps”. In the following settings for Maps, allow location to Google Maps. Simply click on the option “Always” or “While Using the App”. 

For iPhone

Go to “Settings” of the iPhone device. Then, click on the option called “Privacy”. From there, select the option called “Location Services”. Then go down and select the option called “Google Maps”. 

In there, select the option called “While Using the App”. 

8. Reinstall Google Maps

If nothing has worked out so far, then here’s one last thing you can try dong. And that is to uninstall Google Maps and then reinstall it back. Doing so will launch the application from the default configuration. So if there have been changes made to the application with or without your notice, this option is viable. 

Simply go to “Settings”. Then, go to the option called “Application”. Then, from the following list of applications, locate and select “Google Maps”. In there, click on the button called “Uninstall”. 

Confirm the uninstallation by using the “OK” button. Then, exit “Settings”. Now, open Google Play Store and search for “Google Maps”. Click on it and then tap the option called “Install”. 

Once the installation is done successfully, exit the Play Store and then open Google Maps. Now the problem should be resolved successfully. 


Perform the aforementioned solutions if Google Maps is not working. Any of them would be useful to make it work!