Fallout 4 can be played separately on the PC or on the Steam gaming platform. No matter what platform you prefer, the issue of Fallout 4 crashing is very much annoying to the gamers. There are several situations that can lead to this issue. The game can crash at the start-up or after a few minutes of playing. Sometimes, when you want to update the game, it also crashes. 

Aren’t you eager to know what are the reasons behind the issue? They are like incorrect hardware resolution, system hardware problems, outdated graphics drivers, anti-virus firewall, incorrect or improper game settings and many more. So, you need to take care of these problems as soon as possible to prevent the game from crashing. 

The System Requirements 

Before playing a game or installing an application, you must know its minimum, as well as recommended system requirements. If you don’t have any information about that, you will never be able to deal with any kind of application. So, let’s check out both of them accordingly. 


The OS needed – Windows 10/8/7. Its bit version must be 64. If you are willing to use the 32 bit Windows version, then most of the games and applications will not work. The minimum requirement of the processor is Intel Core i5 or AMD Phenom. Now, talking about the volatile memory, the minimum requirement is 8 GB. Available hard disk drive space should be 30 GB. The graphics card is important, so it must be NVIDIA GTX, which must be 2GB. On the other hand, the dedicated video volatile memory must be 2 GB. 


As per the experts, the OS, volatile memory, hard disk space is just the same as the minimum requirements. In the case of the graphics card, you must use NVIDIA GTX 780 3GB or AMD Radeon R9 290X 4GB. The dedicated video volatile memory must be 3GB for Intel and 4GB for AMD. 

Getting all the details can resist Fallout 4 crashing in every other way. For more information regarding the system requirements, check the game where all the details are written. 

Fallout 4 Crashing: A Brief Details 

Analyzing all the reports of the gamers, the gaming experts came up with 4 types of crashing issues. When the game keeps crashing, it means that you are able to start the game but cannot play it. This type of incident can damage your computer. 

When the game crashes during the launch, it actually means that the game is creating issues in the runtime. If this happens you can try to activate the compatibility mode and check the root of the issue. 

When you start the computer, sometimes the game shows an error message, this means that the entire game has been corrupted. Uninstalling the game and then reinstalling it can fix the situation. 

When you are playing the game on any gaming console like Xbox or PlayStation, then the matter will be much different from usual. Disabling the gaming mods, rebooting the console, reinstalling the game might fix the Fallout 4 crashing situation. 

How to Fix? 

Several methods to fix the glitch are given here. It’s better that you go through all the points very carefully. After that, you have to perform them to fix the game.

Fix 1: Reduce the Graphics Resolution 

If your system cannot keep pace with the high graphics of the game, it’s time to reduce the graphics of the game. Access the video settings and drag to the lowest resolution. Make sure you read all the on-screen instructions and then proceed. After reducing the resolution, check whether the Fallout 4 crashing is taking place or not. 

Fix 2: Up-to-date the Graphics Driver 

The latest version of the graphics card will help you to play Fallout 4 smoothly and effectively. When the game crashes, it seems that the graphics driver can be outdated. In order to prevent Fallout 4 crashing, open the Device Manager window and find out the graphics driver. Right-click on it and click on update. Wait for some time till the update is done. After that, reboot your system to save the changes. 

Fix 3: Investigate the Disk Space

As you already know that the installation of the game requires near about 30 GB of disk space. When you double-click on the game, the runtime of the application will require some more disk space. In addition to that, it also keeps the disk drive busy. So, when the Fallout 4 crashing takes place, make sure that the system drive of the game has more than 50 GB of free space. 

If this doesn’t happen, then uninstall other applications to free up more space. If you can defragment the hard drive, then it will be much easier for you to keep the disk healthy and use it effectively. 

Fix 4: Update the Game 

The updated files of the game not only give you extra added features and benefits on the application but also fixes bugs. In order to prevent Fallout 4 crashing, go to the settings of the game and check for updates. This might take some time depending upon the speed of the internet connection. After the download and installation are over, exit the game, reboot your system, and then try to play the game and check whether the issue is still there or not. 

Fix 5: Turn off the Security Application

It is obvious that having a security application is generally installed on your computer to protect the system against all other threats. But somehow, the firewall of the security application blocks the games from running smoothly, and Fallout 4 might be one of them. So, it is better to turn off the security application for the time being. After playing the game, turn on the application to resume protection. 

Other Essential Information 

Make sure you install the licensed version of the game. Never try to play the game with any type of pirated or use any patch or activator. These small applications might prove to be deadly to your computer. They have the ability to corrupt the system, as well as the hard disk drive. After you finished playing, make sure you remember to turn on the application. 

If you don’t do so, then your system will be at risk. Always try to keep the system drive clear from all the cache and junk files. This actually helps all the applications to run smoothly and faster, too. On the other hand, no application crashes take place, as well.