The Amazon Firestick lets you run a wide range of apps without much issue. But, you might sometimes find specific apps not working on the Amazon Firestick. Many users have encountered this issue while trying to run the ESPN app. And, this problem might have various possible causes, as we shall see. 

Are you unable to run the ESPN app on your Amazon Firestick? In that case, you can take various steps to fix the error. Try out the methods below to fix the ESPN app not working on Firestick. You should be able to fix the problem by yourself using these steps in most cases. 

5 Solutions for the ESPN App Not Working on Firestick

The app not working does not always indicate an issue with the device or the app. And, you need to consider all the possible causes to find the right solution. Rather than spending time to find the cause, you can simply start applying various solutions right away. 

Here are the steps you must take when your Firestick cannot run the ESPN app:

  • Restart Your Firestick

Does the app repeatedly fail to work on Firestick? Then, you must restart the device and check whether that does the trick. This step can fix any temporary errors that might lie behind the problem. 

Press and hold down the middle navigation button and play/pause button simultaneously on the remote. Release them once you see a message on the screen that your Firestick is restarting. 

Launch the ESPN app on the device after you have performed the restart. Does the ‘ESPN not working on Firestick’ issue persist? If yes, then you must move on to the next solution. 

  • Fix the Internet Connection

Your Firestick might fail to run the app because of a faulty internet connection. In such cases, you can implement these steps. They can help you to fix the issue: 

Re-Connect to the WiFi

Disconnect your Firestick from the WiFi connection. Then, wait for a minute before connecting it to the network again. This should refresh the connection and remove any errors from it. If this does not work, there are other ways to resolve the ESPN app not working on Firestick. 

Restart the Router

The internet problems might trigger errors in your router. So, you must also consider restarting your router for a solution. Unplug it from power for at least a minute before starting it back on. Then, check whether you can run the ESPN app on your Firestick. 

Contact the Service Provider

Are you unable to resolve the internet problems? Then, you cannot run the ESPN app until you get rid of the internet problems. So, you might want to reach out to the ISP without further delay. 

Is there a service outage in your area? You must ask your ISP about that if you are not sure. In case of an outage, you must wait for the provider to resolve the problem. 

Check for an ESPN Server Outage

The problem may not always lie in the internet connection or in your Firestick. In some cases, it might indicate an ESPN server outage. 

So, you must check whether that is the case. You will find many downtime detectors on the internet to help you with that. Do you find that the server is down? Then that explains the ‘ESPN app not working on Firestick’ in your case. 

The developers might take the server down for maintenance purposes. You might find the bugs and glitches you were facing gone after the server is back online. And, all you need to do is wait for the server to come online again. So, you need not apply any solutions from your side in such situations. 

Clear the App Cache

Your Firestick stores various app cache files, which often get corrupted. This is one of the possible causes of the ESPN app not working on Firestick. So, you must try out the optimal solution to fix it. In this case, that means you have to clear all the app cache. After all, you cannot be sure which of the cache files are corrupt. 

So, go to the Applications section on the Settings menu and click on Manage Installed Applications. Then, select the ESPN app there and make sure it has the required permissions. 

Is it running in the background? If yes, then you must use the Force Stop option for it. Then, click on Clear Cache to delete all its cache files. Proceed to launch the app in the usual way once you are done. 

Clear the App Data

Clearing the app cache might not be enough to fix the problem in some cases. And, you can get a solution by removing the app data in such situations. You can do that by going to the Manage Installed Applications as mentioned above. 

In this case, you need to delete the ESPN app data instead of deleting only its cache. You must know that doing this will remove all your user information from the app. 

Update Your FireTV

You might not have the latest build of the Firestick software. And, that might explain the ESPN app not working on Firestick. All you need to do in such situations is update your Firestick to the latest version. Open the Settings and navigate to About in the My FireTV section. You will find the option to find and install updates there. 

Install any updates that are available and try to launch the app after the update. This method can be quite effective in resolving the issue you are facing. 

What if You Fail to Find a Solution?

Were all the aforementioned steps ineffective in your case? Then, you must consider reinstalling the ESPN app on your Firestick. After all, the problem often has something to do with an app installation issue. Reach out to the support team if no other solutions work for you.